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I Am 5.11 – Kyle Lamb

“I am 5.11” is a new series of short videos that showcase the various ambassadors of the 5.11 brand. This first segment features Kyle Lamb, president and founder of Viking Tactical. Stay tuned for future video content from 5.11 Tactical, including training segments, product details, and brand entertainment.


7 Responses to “I Am 5.11 – Kyle Lamb”

  1. CTF says:

    Great video, Kyle. You ARE a Patriot… Thank you for your service.

    Have a good one,


  2. E to the G says:

    “I am Tiger Woods.”

    Hehe…reminds me of that marketing campaign.

  3. DAN III says:

    Kyle Lamb….selling out for a buck. 5.11 products are NOT manufactured by Americans. The bulk if not all 5.11 products are made by the Communist Chinese.

    Thanks Kyle. You’re a real patriot. Endorse those Chicom products.

    • z0phi3l says:

      Always some asshole that has nothing good to say spewing hate over something that has no effect to their lives

      Should have listened to Mom and followed her advice about not opening your mouth if you didn’t have something nice to say

    • SSD says:

      True, they are not. But they aren’t all made in China. They are made overseas in order to hit a price that many can afford. It’s a matter of economics.

      • Haji says:

        Lots of people want clothing made in America as an idea, but don’t want it when they see what the price ends up being to manufacture clothing here. Most clothing for most people is made overseas for that reason.