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Haley Strategic – Incog Rifle Bag


Haley Strategic’s Incog Rifle Bag functions as a range bag, discreet carry bag, and a Pelican case organizer. Measuring 10″ x 31″ x 3″, the Incog fits perfectly inside a Model 1700 Pelican case, and is designed to hold an assembled 14.5″ carbine or broken down SPR, in addition to a handgun, chest rig, magazines, or other accessories and components. It’s built from 1000D Cordura fabric with reinforced bar tack construction.


An 8″ x 15″ interior front panel pocket is accessible through a U zip mesh pocket, and can expand outward 5″ to carry a fully loaded D3CR. The front interior panel offers 3 rows of PALS webbing with Velcro loop, 4 channels wide. The back interior panel features a loop PALS grid in addition to 4x hook and loop keepers to organize and retain long guns and other range accessories. The concealed carry strap complements the carry handle, allowing for over-the-shoulder carry.

Made in the USA. Available in Disruptive Grey.



15 Responses to “Haley Strategic – Incog Rifle Bag”

  1. mark says:

    Very clean looking. I just wish it would fit a 16″ carbine, as that’s what most of us have.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I hope these will have a better lead time than the Incog holsters???

  3. Tackleberry says:

    Another well executed offering.

    I agree with Mark though, a longer offering would be nice for those of us with 16″s or not wishing to tear down.

  4. PETE says:

    I like the new concepts and layout, especially the dual zipper element.

    The exterior profile still looks like a gun bag… Even for non-tactically inclined, they would question what is inside. Wish some of the features were in a Sneaky Bag type envelope, which is less squared up and looks less out of place in varied environments.

    • Tackleberry says:

      Tennis Racket bags, especially double racket bags can be good in certain settings, climates, as can sporting good duffles (soccer equipment branding, or baseball, etc.).

  5. Scott says:

    Nothing about this case is discreet….let us be honest here….

    • Felix says:

      Its low profile not “no-profile” 😉

      Of course it will be checked if you get in any kind of control. There are companies out there that modify existing “mainstream” bags and packs for people who have this need. Every rigger can do it.

      This item just has sleek lines, looks nice and doesnt scream “Full-Auto-Silenced-Assault-HighCap-Machinegun” inside.

  6. SeanL says:

    Lots of things get discreetly carried in 30+” long rectangular cases. Like lumber, travel-sized Casio keyboards, guns, board games, ‘travelling DJ’ series turntables, guns, snowboards, boogie boards , guns, and even guns can all be transported ‘incognito’ in a case like this.

  7. 404953C says:

    The bag will fit a 16″ carbine with a compact stock and some muzzle devices like a BCM Mod 0 Comp, but not all 16″ rifles (say with a Surefire Brake) will fit so we didn’t advertise it as a 16″ gun bag.

  8. Justin says:

    “Designed for the rifle you don’t have!”

  9. PLiner says:

    WOW, color me shocked, another rectangular bag that supposedly hides ones gun. No one will EVER know now because, you know, that thing looks sooo not like a gun bag. I bet even gun owners won’t recognize that its a gun bag. It’s Frikken AMAZE BALLS I tell you. It’s such a great idea I’ll bet it also costs 4 times as much as the other rectangular soft cases out there. But I forget myself, after all, it does have a dragonfly logo on it as well. Thats gotta be worth something right? I mean, just saying, it probably increases ones split times right? At least that what I think Travis said it would do when I was in his Dynamic Disruptive Bio mechanically Efficient Banana Peeling (DDBEBP) from the right end course.