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Lahner Tactical is a German-based company who developed the X-Carrier system, which is a two-panel armor system. It can function effectively as a shield, IED blanket, plate carrier, vest, and edged weapon protective device. It provides ballistic protection up to a .44 Mag, and can accept rifle plates to further increase protection.

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  1. mark says:

    Interesting concept, but I’m curious what situation someone would have an 11 pound kevlar swiss army knife on hand, but not be wearing a kevlar vest. Or would prefer fighting with an 11 pound soft kevlar freeweight in their support hand instead of fighting in a kevlar vest.

    Maybe I’m wrong. I’d certainly be curious to see how it holds up to force on force training.

    • Patrick says:

      Police in Germany don’t wear kevlar vests like they do over here. I spent a month over there and saw lots of armed police officers but not a single one wearing a vest.

      Interestingly enough though, I barely saw any police in cruisers, mostly foot patrols and guys dismounted from police vans so I’d be curious what the target audience for a tool like this is when many officers would literally be carrying it around on foot or having to run to a van for it.

      • mark says:

        Ah, thank you for that bit of info Patrick. The concept makes more sense now. Although if it were kept in the trunk of a car, I’d think it wouldn’t be too hard to toss a kevlar vest in there as well.

      • LAHNER says:

        While you were right earlier, this is not true anymore. LEO here wear vests almost all the time. This has changed after 2000, where we have the highest rate of officers killed in one year. Which up to that point was fortunately very low.
        What we do have now are special situations were vest are not worn (sometime due to the fact that the standard issue vest are often pretty tick an d heavy) and for those wearing he type of scenario where you want extra protection in terms of different threats, higher level and bigger protective surface.

        Hope that clears it up a little. Stay safe. Florian

  2. Felix says:

    Nice product Mr.Lahner

  3. Tahoe says:

    Sure looks comfy an unencumbering.

    The concept is interesting, but it feels like one of those products made to meet a need invented for this specific product. I am curious who the intended market is.

  4. jack says:

    this looks so…. german…

    • Felix says:

      Yeah, but still better than having no active shooter equipment in the patrol car.

      The departments here in germany are still not equipped for such situations. No blow out kits, no patrol rifle.

      Hell, our company evem helped a department to get rid of old WW2 style leather holsters….

      • steave says:

        Does everything but nothing well

        • LAHNER says:

          That is a inherent logical thing with solutions. You have to decide whether it is practical to have the best solution for only one situation, or one that covers a lot of different situations, even if not soooo well.
          But I agree: That will be the point where users will fight over it.Fully aware of it.
          Thanks for your input. Stay safe. Florian

      • LAHNER says:

        That is sadly true. But then, we want something in our car that sees more use than the statisticly very rare chance of an active shooter. People are taking this with them in bar fight, vehicle checks, inside buildings or unclear situations. Because bottom line: If a threat is coming towards you, you can just holp up the X-Carriers. Since it covers blunt force, stabbing, shrapnel and ballistics, it will very likely take care of it, before you had a chance ego analyze the type of threat at all.

        Stay safe


  5. MED says:

    Looks like you could sell advertising space – eat at joes

  6. Dellis says:

    I don’t get it… looks like something so awkward to have to be active in. Like wearing a thigh rig and it catching on every little thing, this item seems like it would be cumbersome. It might be the angle of the photo but look at the huge openings that occur when this guy is in a ready stance.

    Inside of arms look as if they are pressing against the plates when outstretched. Chin looks as if its right on top of the plate which seems to restrict looking right/left.

    Then again it could just be a bad picture.

    • LAHNER says:

      Hopefully I explained a bit of the idea behind it in my other post. But I do not disagree: Yo are right: It does not cover the sides or at least not if you just throw it over your head an run. If you want that to be, we´ll make it bigger. But actually it is more a product designed to have a wide range of usages. That unfortunately goes along with having disadvantages in some areas. What will not happen however: Catching on things it not a big issue, as the device is flexible enough to give and just pop up after the obstacle is cleared. It is flexible.
      Movement of arms and head etc is not restricted. You can easily position it different on your body and it will pretty much stay lower or higher if you like.
      Actually I was wearing it even with two additional plates, and it was more comfortable than I would have expected. However, you want to wear or carry this only for the situation at hand. A good vest for wearing a whole shift is in fact a complete different story. Stay Safe. Florian

  7. LAHNER says:

    Gentlemen, thank you for all your input. Just trying to clarify a few things. First: Yes, it is a universal/broadband solution. So it is true, that it is not the very best solution for one specific problem. But is is one solution for many different problems. A riot control shield offers more blunt trauma surface, but you still could shoot through it. A vest is more comfortable, but you will not be able to protect others, or a small team with it. A vest also will not withstand a baseball bat/ blunt trauma. It also offers much less protective surface. A ballistic blanket is much bigger, but it is really difficult to move with it, and you will never be able to free up both hands.
    The X-Carrier combines lots of advantages, and is very flexible to use. You can react to the situation. We found that it is great to have it in the car. It sees a wide range of operational scenarios, and once they have it, people are coming up with usages, we never thought of. Because ist is always there, and it can be used so many different ways.
    As for the vest-thing:
    First, there are instances (covert operations, comfort, regulations), where people will not wear vests. They can deploy the X-Carrier if need arises.
    Second, if you wear a vest every day, they tend to be small, thin and of low or none resistance to blunt trauma, and stabs. One big request for first responders in active shooters situations we get and we see in training a lot is the need for a bigger protective surface. So even if you have a vest on it is quite comfy to know, your throat and your lower body/ legs/grain etc. is covered. That is why there are lots of departments having shields in the car. Also the X-Carrier will act a s a plate carrier as well. So one might want to up the level of protection by inserting hard plates in the carrier. Yes, it is of course lighter, to just have a plate carrier to throw over… but than again you are loosing the shield-option. So all in all: It is well rounded, multi-use, flexible. Unless you have a truck as a patrol car, where you can store a riot control whiled, a cut/-stab-proof suit, a plate carrier and a ballistic blanket…it might be worth a try. I hope this explains a little bit more of the idea. If ether are any question, please feel free to ask. I try to explain if I can. And: We never ever claim, that this is the only truth. To each it´s own I guess. Stay safe. Florian

  8. Raymond Marcheschi says:

    I wish to purchase an x-carrier tactical shield/ body armor produced by Lahner. Please advise.