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Prometheus Design Werx – One To Watch

You may not have heard of Prometheus Design Werx yet, but once you know a little about them you’ll realize that they’re really an old friend. Turns out, PDW is the creation of a small group that includes Patrick York Ma. Patrick and I have known each other for years and I’ve always admired his commitment to design applied to his thirst for adventure. Over the years, he’s created some really cool gear. If you’re familiar with the Prometheus story from Greek mythology, it’s obviously an apt name for this company founded by Patrick Ma and manufacturing specialist Chris Whitney. There are always challenges to starting a new company, but these two guys have taken it all in stride and done a stellar job right out of the gate.


Like a stealth bomber, PDW has been flying under the radar since January, developing new products and working on design collaborations with other brands they admire. Their aesthetic is utilitarian to be sure, but there is a level of finesse that belies a commitment to good design. It has a beauty all its own. Obviously, they’re doing something right. They launched their website to little fanfare just a week ago and sold out their wares within hours. Definitely, one to watch.



18 Responses to “Prometheus Design Werx – One To Watch”

  1. Dev says:

    Correct me if wrong, the Patrick Ma of TAD fame?

    If so, great expectations abound.

  2. matty says:

    Is the site down for anyone else?

  3. jrexilius says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys come out with. I loved TAD.

  4. 20$Bandit says:

    Looking forward to all of the new and innovative products that come from a small business run by a world class designer (Mr. Ma) not accountants, great news!!

  5. Bluenoser says:

    Any idea where to get a high res of this?

  6. badjujuu says:

    Great stuff, obivously sold out….will BOLO for them….

  7. Rad'04 says:

    Actually. There stuff sold out in minutes.

  8. Luke says:

    My initial distrust of companies misspelling words with X’s was overcome by Mr. Ma’s involvement. color me hopeful.