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Mike Mers Still With AAC or What I Meant To Say Was…


Just yesterday the blogosphere was all atwitter with news that the snappiest dresser in the firearms industry, Mike Mers was no longer with Remington brand AAC. But then, earlier today, Mers, known for his signature argyle sweater vest, posted this statement to Facebook.


D’oh….sometimes it’s best to wait until the dust settles on employment issues.

Congrats to Mers for his new role with AAC.

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13 Responses to “Mike Mers Still With AAC or What I Meant To Say Was…”

  1. Jason says:

    “…the blogosphere was all aTWITTER”

    I see what you did there lol

  2. nate says:

    Can someone please tell me what the butt stock and buffer tub (ect..) is being used?

  3. Thetruthhurts says:

    For the slow kids in the back of the class- this is a dressed up firing. Consultant means he doesn’t work for them any more. If they really wanted him to be a part of the new Remington Outdoor Company they would have promoted him. Not make him work outside the machine. I’m thinking there is a lot more to this story than anyone wants to admit. But we’ll probably never find out. I’m sure his new “consulting” gig has a press gag order attached to it. Very strategic.

    • SSD says:

      And results in them continuing to pay him.

      • andrew says:

        Payments are not uncommon in termination agreements. Along with with non-compete clauses.

        Thetruthurts is right. This is a standard PR move for high profile employees. If he’s still consulting for Remington in a year, it would be the rare real thing.

  4. TM says:

    Gun has no sights bro.

  5. Lcon says:

    Gun was at a Sho Bro. No Ammo

  6. MR says:

    I am wondering if some one could give insight to the sling he is using. I am looking for a minimal single point like that, but I am mostly findng airsoft versions.