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The A9-OG Pant from Beyond

The A9-OG Pant from Beyond

With a name like that, you’d think that these new pants from Beyond Clothing were the title of a classic science fiction movie. After checking the A9-OG out, I’d say that they were made to give you that same comfortable, groupies in feeling as watching a movie you first saw as a kid.

I first noticed them on Beyond Frontman Rick Elder who was wearing a pair. He said, “You’ve got to check these out. We’ve created the mullet of tactical pants. Business up front, and a party in back.” Then, he turned around to show me what he meant.


The A9-OG (yes, that’s original gangster) was designed as a more streamlined take on their mission pant. Up front your looking at anatomical fit, articulated knees, gussetted crotch, and a single external pocket along with two slash pockets. In back, you’ve got two simple patch pockets like you’d find on a pair of jeans or your favorite outdoor pants.


Don’t let the MultiCam camo wrapper fool you. These can be made in virtually any color. I could definitely see myself wearing these for a variety of uses.


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