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Gellman Gear Tactical – Team USA RWB Plate Carrier

RWB Plate Carrier

We put this picture up on our Facebook page and it garnered a lot of attention, so in the interest of cool, custom gear, here’s the story:

The Team USA RWB (Red, White, and Blue) Plate Carrier was made by Fayetteville-based Gellman Gear Tactical as a small run for a specific group. Recently, they posted an auction on eBay for a custom version made to order for the winner. It was listed as being made from 1000D nylon with MilSpec elastic/webbing, buckles, and thread, removable shoulder pads, and a three (3) cell pouch “sized for 12-24 oz canned beverages”, built around the SAPI plate size requested. Although that auction has ended, don’t fret – there may be more of these carriers available at an undisclosed time if Gellman is able to source the proper hardware.

Keep an eye out on the Gellman Gear Tactical Facebook page and for more information.


81 Responses to “Gellman Gear Tactical – Team USA RWB Plate Carrier”

  1. patrulje says:

    So what poor PSG is going to have to explain this photo to the 1SG and CSM, since it really looks like it was taken down range.

    • straps says:

      There are segments of the military presence down range for whom civilian attire is NOT prohibited.

      OAFNation flare is typically distributed–then disseminated–through vetted sources.

      And among those folks, few f*cks are given when a photo of a moment of levity surfaces.

  2. Tank says:

    This is a prime example of an asshole who doesn’t even realize he is shaming the United States flag. The flag is not meant to be sewn into a cock holster to adorn your mid-section, nor was it designed to be sewn into some stupid ass plate carrier that isn’t practical or patriotic, quite the opposite. Flag etiquette states, “The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery.” (Flag Code, Section 8d).” Good job SSD for reposting ignorant shameful photos. There is nothing remotely tactical or military related about this garbage. By the looks of his douche bag high fade and asshole California style Ray Bans, I would say he is some POG fobbitt anyways, someone who probably knows less about flag etiquette and American history than the immigrants crossing the border. Gellman Gear Tactical hopefully gets boycotted in Fayetteville, where that community at least should realize the abhorrent garbage that is being sold to service members.

    • Woody says:

      I was about the say pretty much the same thing. The colors aren’t to be used to make a fashion statement, though this section of the flag code is typically ignored. Service members should know better.

      • jbgleason says:

        I think you can slow your roll just a bit on blasting SSD for this one. This comes from a guy who has had a couple of internet slap fights with Eric before. This is certainly worthy of discussion on this site from both an etiquette and a specialized equipment/industry perspective. I have zero issue with the PC itself as it is red, white and blue, the colors of our country and not sewn as the flag. I have no problem with the PC. The shorts and the way he is ham-fisting the actual flag perturb me but that isn’t SSD’s fault. I won’t get into the haircut or the glasses but you might want to self-eval your level of acceptance there. The whole idea is that in this country we fight to ALLOW differences. The bad guys are the ones who don’t allow that stuff. Know what I mean?

        • SSD says:

          I’m not loving said guy’s holding if the flag either but the carrier itself is clearly not a flag. Tank needs to take a knee and a breather and maybe actually look at the carrier. I’m sorry, but everything red, white, and blue does not violate the USC regarding the flag.

        • Tank says:

          Last time I checked, I could be wrong, but doesn’t SSD determine what is posted on their site ? I am going to take a guess and say that particular plate carrier was meant to be a flag… Red and White stripes, blue field, hmm… Apparently flag etiquette isn’t taught at all anymore, and it is harmlessly posted on military related websites to continue the cycle of ignorance.

          • SSD says:

            I put it here.

            If you think that’s a flag, you haven’t seen one. Once again,m since you are failing to comprehend what I am saying to you, NOT EVERYTHING THAT IS RED, WHITE AND BLUE IS A US FLAG. Inspired by it? Sure. But it’s not a flag.

            • Mike says:

              I know this guy personally… F*ck you to all the haters… He is over seas Defending our country god forbid the soldiers be human and have a few laughs … They don’t deserve to laugh and be human while they die to defend your right to talk shit about them right??? … Fuck you assholes

              • Tank says:

                Well geesh Mike, now that you put it like that I feel bad, I guess I am a fucking asshole. I am certainly not one to tell anyone they need to tone down their rhetoric, but I don’t think I am in danger of losing my freedom of speech to the Taliban or ISIS, or whoever. I spent plenty or deployments in shit holes, but I never came back and professed to be defending freedom of speech from the white hating islamic extremists. I have had my share of fun over there, laughs, and stupid practical jokes, but I wasn’t holding our nation’s flag like a war trophy, and I wasn’t sporting flag inspired (not actual flag material so calm down) ranger panties. Your buddy wants to ham it up for Facebook so he can look cool to the rest of the people back in the states, I’m cool with that, but he could certainly have done it in a better way, even funnier perhaps. Just some thoughts from a fucking asshole like me.

    • Paul says:

      Completely agree!!! And this shitbag should be ashamed of his tattoos. Bellow the elbow, completely out of regs! How is he supposed to kill taliban while looking like such a degenerate! And everyone knows real steely eyed killers only wear ballistic oaklies and moto army shirts with cool graphics, so this guy is def a pog.

      • Debaser says:

        His hair looks about .1 inches out of reg as well…

      • Tank says:

        Yup, those evil military standards, why can’t everyone just be SOF. We should all grow our hair out, wear cool guy shit, and use Afghan deployments as Facebook photo ops.

      • bloke_from_ohio says:

        I bt his boots are made of pig leather too!

    • straps says:

      Every time I walk through every department store in the US (to include the military exchanges system), I see our national symbols misused in dozens of ways.

      An American who never bled or even sweated for our ideals sends a product spec to a slave labor factory and BAM: ‘merica, $1.05. Half are bought by the dumbasses the folk who frequent this forum protect, half are marked down on July 5.

      The guys responsible for the photo didn’t have to go looking far and wide for a set of stars and stripes shorts, they were placed at the entrance to a store at Cross Creek Mall, or maybe someplace else on Skibo. Or at the PX (or concession cart) right around the corner from USASOC.

      I’ve seen situations where someone in uniform tried to contact someone at the exchange about a questionable product and it has to get pretty ugly before something gets done.

      Dude looks like he actually bathed for that pic. Points for irony, double points for irony while in harms way.

      If he’s real deal OAF, he gets our ideals more than many.

      • Tank says:

        So by that logic, easy access to flag apparel means it is ok to wear, especially if you are “real deal operator as fuck.” I bought it at the PX and I am in Afghanistan so props to me for being a barrel chested freedom fighter, bad ass mother fucker. What is this Call of Duty? Not every swinging dick is “OAF” that term is getting overused a lot these days. I say again, It is not ok to wear American flag apparel, even if you are a Operator as fuck hooah airborne ranger badass, desk clerk, or call of duty wanna-be, it should never be WORN, period. Who gives a shit wear he is when the picture was taken, who he is, it is not acceptable, and that ideal should be held by everyone in the military. And that isn’t just my opinion, thats flag etiquette, go argue with the founding fathers.

    • mike says:



    • PNW_Tree_Octopus says:

      Chill. It is funny.

    • Jay N says:

      How do you feel about Captain American?

    • jjj0309 says:

      Why so serious?

    • matty says:

      I think it’s more of using an actual flag for clothing not just the color scheme and pattern.

    • SPUDDS says:

      I have read all messages to this Blog regarding this soldier and his Fourth of July attire. Seems to me , being in Harms Way in Afghanistan and celebrating the Fourth of July does make him and his fellow soldiers very special. The real problem is TANK – tomorrow this same soldier that your dissing could could become a casualty protecting that same flag that has you all pissed off. You should really be ashamed of yourself – this young man is in Afghanistan protecting the flag that you say he disrespects – give me a break! This is the year 2014 – the military is changing but Tank your hiding behind old ideals – you want a better Army then you have to modernize not just the military machinery but the soldier himself. And for your comments regarding immigrants crossing the border – unless your a full blooded Indian your forefathers
      were also immigrants. Lastly calling a soldier an asshole is a comment that can only come from another asshole!!

      • Tank says:

        Well SPUDDS, as you stated it is 2014, and the military isn’t all patriotic blue blooded Americans fighting for their country and its way of life. There are plenty of assholes, shitbags, gangsters, slackers, felons…I can keep going. I love the military, that’s why I spent so much time as a soldier, and its usually the soldiers that make it shitty. I was in during the surge when they lowered the standards to get it. Oh you have a heroin addiction, an assault charge, and are behind on your child care, sure sign here. Are you a soldier, or were you ? Because I could think of plenty of assholes in the military. Military service members are not above reproach just because they deploy. Not to mention that although everyone plays some part, do you know the very small percentage that are in actual combat. And when I say combat I don’t mean driving between bases on a LOGPAC and an IED goes off, that’s not combat. I am talking the kind of combat that the Infantryman’s badge was originally designed to be awarded for. I can speak without shame because I was one of the leaders in the military that tried to keep it together, and tried to keep the ideals alive. No I am not all about D and C, haircuts, etc.. but some level of respect. Trying to stand up units, I chaptered out more ASSHOLE shitbag soldiers for addiction to spice than I turned into respectable junior NCO’s. Not having the discipline to not do drugs, I would call that an asshole. The problem is everyone thinks, or wants to be SOF. Believe it or not my first deployment in a regular line unit, I actually lived the whole 16 months without wearing civilian attire. Shocking I know, oh my god you might say, what a travesty. An entire deployment without Facebook, Twitter, civilian attire, say it isn’t so. Trust me, I have been there, I understand adapting to fight the enemy, and I know the condition of some of the outposts and FOB’s. I was not the asshole running around base correcting people on standards, or uniform wear, but I also wasn’t running around dressed like a hoodlum and doing dumb shit. I didn’t like the regular standards, and the restrictions, that’s why I went to selection and got selected. The problem with the military is that it is full of the Call of Duty generation. I did my part in the military, in combat, and training the future military leaders, what the fuck have you done ? So in final, no I am not ashamed, I shouldn’t be, and I may be an asshole too, but there are plenty in the military, and overseas.

  3. Debaser says:

    Too bad the guy in the photo isn’t as much of a “patriot” as you are. He’s stuck pulling triggers for his country while you’re hanging paper…

    • Tank says:

      Debaser, do you know me, do you where I have been and what I have done for my country? I didn’t think so dipshit, and I forgot, because he is holding a gun, he is “pulling triggers,” last time I was overseas everyone carried a rifle, but I am sure you know his story too, you are pretty clairvoyant. Patriots don’t disrespect the flag, whether they are overseas, or at a desk job.

      • SSD says:

        Slow down there cowboy. Let’s keep this civil.

        • LC says:

          Fuck that.

          Debaser made a shit assumption and got smacked with a knowledge club over it, as he deserved.

          Im with tank on this. You and other people’s perspective on here is rather disingenuous to say the least.

      • Debaser says:

        I know you’ve got a stick up your ass. He’s a serviceman supporting a group that helps veterans. Lighten up there, pal…

        • Tank says:

          Hey, I am all about supporting veterans, veteran owned companies, and anyone who supports the military, but does it have to dishonor the flag in order to do it ? Maybe I went off a little crazy, but that’s because I constantly see torn and tattered flags, flags flying upside down, flag bikinis, etc… I’ll admit, the plate carrier is the least offensive thing in the photo, wouldn’t it have been better to ask Gellman Gear for a photo of just the plate carrier, sans flag ranger panties and death gripping of an actual flag ?

          • Bullet Tooth Tony says:

            for someone who is as hard for the flag as you are, you should know what an upside flag means.

            • Tank says:

              I am fully aware what an upside down flag means, but it is not the appropriate way of showing your opinion of a country that feel is in distress, I get the message, but it is a poor way of showing your political feelings. Should I not get angry when I see a flag flying upside that overlooks a cemetary full of veterans, veterans who fought and died for their country? Some asshole wants to make a political statement, please enlighten me as to why that is an acceptable way to show your distaste for the government of the state of the union. This isn’t the Civil War, or some FOB in need of assistance, that message was for a time long ago, and it is never ok to fly upside down to make a statement.

              • SSD says:

                So what are you angry about? The guy in the photo, the plate carrier or that time you were peered out at Ranger School?

                • Tank says:

                  Wow you’re funny SSD, yes I am defending flag etiquette, how stupid of me. I am angry at people who wear the flag as ranger panties. Thanks for the childish comment though, it made me realize that out of all the comments you are the one who needs things explained to them the most. Take the non-flag plate carrier out of the equation, you even admitted you didn’t agree with how he was holding the flag, let alone those flag shorts. Above,someone posted a link to the company website, it showed the plate carrier without anybody wearing it, that would have been a better picture to post. I guess I am not cool enough to wear flag apparel because I don’t hang out with all the OAF jocks, you all peered me out of the cool kids club.

                  • SSD says:

                    I empathize with your position but I think you’re laying it on a little thick. Maybe if you toned it down and focused on the issue that actually matters the most, you’d persuade more people to your cause.

                  • LC says:

                    Youre not laying it on too thick, keep laying it on and skull fuck this monkey till he squeals.

                    “peered out of ranger school”

                    What a bunch of elitist bullshit. As if the Rangers are the center of the fucking universe. /rolls eyes/

                    that kind of arrogance would make me kick someones teeth in.

      • L.Washing says:

        y mad bro?

  4. Glen says:

    I like red, white, and blue bikinis…

  5. jlegg says:

    Tank, I understand your frustration. But the reason this is okay is because it is protected by the 1st amendment that our brothers have died for

    • Vet says:

      Tank doesn’t care about the Constitution, except when it supports his point of view.

      • Tank says:

        Look, another clairvoyant who knows me so damn well, enlighten me Vet as to the parts of the Constitution that I pick and choose from. Is this going to be something in regards to freedom of speech ? You seem to have a chip on your shoulder about my comments.

        • jlegg says:

          I have no chip on my shoulder. I just understand constitutional rights. Just like flag burning is constitutional. It may piss you off but its allowed under freedom of speech

  6. hvgc says:

    Glad to see ACU getting phased out

  7. JOE says:

    I will give Tank the benefit of the doubt about the holding of the flag. Everything else in the picture reeks of pure awesome.

  8. Alex says:

    You know what I think is funny, where are all these flag code comments when a hot chick is wearing an ittie bitty flag inspired bikini. I mean fair is fair right?

    • Tank says:

      Well for one, my “flag code comments” aren’t seen on women photos because I don’t recall any women in itty bitty bikinis being posted on SSD. And I don’t care who it is, dude overseas, President of the United States, or naked super model, it is never ok to wear flag clothing. Is this the part where you reply and call me a fag for not liking hot chicks in flag bikinis ? Sorry that I respect the flag and like to see it displayed with honor. I know that is a terrible thing to care about.

      • Redbeard33 says:

        I don’t give a crap about 90% of things that come across as offensive or dramatic on this addictive blog. But, I agree squarely with Tank on this and, way more importantly, respect his tenacious defense of this issue. I think the issue is a bit indefensible and we probably all agree with him at some level, though maybe not his delivery.

  9. Terry says:

    You Americans take your flag way too seriously.

    Us Australians like our flag, but don’t worship it and it’s usually worn, after a fashion, on Australia Day and at any international sporting event, especially test cricket.

    The picture is funny and cool, and I for one would love one of those plate carriers. Incidentally, it is in the same colours as an Australian, British, New Zealand or half a dozen other flags…


  10. hvgc says:

    Unless an article of clothing is made from an actual United States flag, there is NO breach of flag etiquette whatsoever. People are simply expressing their patriotism and love of country by wearing an article of clothing that happens to be red, white, and blue with stars and stripes. There is nothing illegal about the wearing or use of these items.

    • Alicia says:

      Completely agree. TANK needs to take a chill pill. Everyone has their own opinions. And I’ll tell you something else, my brother has done so much more with his military and civilian career than most people. I’m so proud of him.

      Don’t think your opinions are the only ones that matter because you see things differently than other people. Everyone has different views on the code and of this vest. So if it’s not made from an American flag, then just keep your comments to yourself.

      • Debaser says:

        No, this is important. REALLY important. So important that some people have been rocked out of their Cheeto® eating revery to explain how unpatriotic the rest of us are. A piece of cloth that may or may not resemble another piece of cloth has been treated in a manner inconsistant with an unenforcable and constitutionaly dubious section of US Code. The horror! I’ll bet my pension that the idiots having helmet fires over this dire issue have spent more time griping about it here than they ever have writting thier congressman about veterans benefits. But yeah, ‘murica, and stuff…

      • Tank says:

        Alicia, I see to feel adequate on this site you have to list examples of other people’s deeds and actions, good on your brother, but speak for yourself. This is a blog where people are able to comment, no different than Fox, CNN, or any other of the many blogs. If people didn’t want to read opinions they wouldn’t be on a fucking blog genius. If you don’t like what I have to say get the hell out of a forum, I think I will keep expressing my opinion, which is my 1st amendment right, which so many have accused me of trampling. Also, I don’t think my opinion is the only one that matters, which is exactly why I participate in healthy debate, not troll the site post a comment and then leave. I respect others opinions whether I agree with them or not. So next time before you lecture me on opinions and views try to understand and comprehend what you are reading.

  11. Leaky Anus says:

    I dyed my pubes red, white, and blue for 4th of July weekend. Sorry Tank 🙁

    • Tank says:

      I don’t think there are any sections in the flag code covering scrotal hair, so you should be good. Maybe they should post a picture of your dyed ball hair on SSD, I would give that a thumbs up.

      • Leaky Anus says:

        I dunno… I don’t want anybody making fun of my tiny meat whistle. I did however paint a giant white star on my sphincter. I’m super patriotic like that.

        On an unrelated note, lately when I masturbate my foreskin develops a painful burning sensation. I haven’t noticed any discharge yet, like I had last time. Any idea what might be causing that. If hate to have to stop beating my meat and go back to fingering my butthole to get off. I love to beat the meat.

        I love you Tank.

  12. blue says:

    knowing this kid personally i can tell u that he is infantry and not a poag (sorry tank)

    having been deployed a shit tone of times, been shot, blown up, had friends die. I can say that this picture is awesome and all u nay Sayers are a bunch of uptight asses. my only issue is with him holding the flag. That is only because the picture would of looked a whole lot more awesome with it on a pole, other then that no issues.

  13. Angry Misha says:

    Thanks to “Tank’s” internet tough guy posturing, There’s only one thing needed to make this go completely out of control….


    • Tank says:

      Does your mom know your up past your bed time commenting on adult forums ? Not only is nothing getting “completely out of control,” you comment made no sense. Nobody said wearing flag inspired garments should be outlawed, or you should be flogged and put in a concentration camp. Flag code isn’t enforceable, it’s about ethics and respect. I know those concepts are foreign to most. And I am not tough guy posturing, I could threaten to beat your ass if that would help complete your picture of me. As some have said above, apparently I am an asshole, I am not giving the best delivery, and using language that isn’t conducive to healthy debate. But the message remains the same. Most generations before the current one would all agree that wearing flag attire is disrespectful. Hell even the people that supposedly know this guy said they don’t agree with how he is holding the flag, and that is from the guy’s friends. So on some level, you probably agree with me. You just felt the need to copy 100 other people and bash on Tank, its ok though, I can take the heat, maybe it will make someone will think twice before buying some douche bag flag man thong at the store this weekend.

      • Angry Misha says:

        Look up “Godwin’s Law” you dolt. Honestly, you’re a loser, who’s “combat experience” is questionable. Seriously, what adult keeps coming back to comment on “This”.

        Get a life.

        • Tank says:

          You keep coming back too you fucking hypocrite. And yes, coming back to an issue that I care deeply about. My nation’s flag, I would say that is a pretty could fucking cause to argue about. Should I spend more time bitching about gay rights, or vaccines for children, or annoying Facebook adds. And GODWIN’S LAW, is an asshole online idea that was created by people like you, who continue to perpetuate the stupidity. Nothing about this conversation would ever lead to Nazi phrases dumbass. People like you who think they are witty and use made up internet “laws” are the people that do not contribute logical ideas. How about I create Tank’s Law, Tank’s law states that if you quote 1990’s era douche bag attorneys (i.e. Mike Godwin) your a fucking idiot. You are probably the type of person who only bought a flag after 9/11, then lets it get tattered to the point it is unrecognizable. Do you have any combat experience ? Have you ever been in the military and served overseas in combat ? You can question my combat experience all you want, I do not need your endorsement to justify my comments. Adults like me, Americans who respect and care about their flag come back to issues like this. I am that guy who walks into your yard and cuts down your flag that you have flying upside down because you are a liberal asshole who uses the flag to make a political statement. Having the backbone to stand up for what is right is what makes me justified, and why I continue to argue against people like you who don’t even mention the issue of the flag in their comment, they simply attack my comment and refer to internet lingo.

          • Littoral says:

            Tank, you’re too easy

            • Tank says:

              I know, I know, it is just one of my many flaws. It does give you something to comment on though. Stay tuned until next week when I pick another SSD article to blast with fiery hate.

          • LC says:

            “How about I create Tank’s Law, Tank’s law states that if you quote 1990?s era douche bag attorneys (i.e. Mike Godwin) your a fucking idiot. ”



      • Leaky Anus says:

        It may not mean much coming from a guy with a painted sphincter and dyed pubes, but I don’t think you’re an asshole Tank. In fact I think you are 100% correct on this issue.

    • L.Washing says:

      wait… don’t forget Recoil magazine … 🙂

  14. Tank says:

    Angry Misha, read the below description of Godwin’s Law.

    “…whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress.[8] This principle is itself frequently referred to as Godwin’s law. It is considered poor form to raise such a comparison arbitrarily with the motive of ending the thread.”

    So by that description of the law you invoked, you are the idiot here. Well played sir, apparently you didn’t finish reading Godwin’s Law when you were searching for nonsense to write on this forum. Go job trolling.

    • Angry Misha says:

      You’re such a POG that only you would think that there’s anything to “win” in this post. I’m sure if you walk up from the basement with a pouty look on your face your mommy will rub your butt and make it all better.

      Then you can ask her for an advance on your allowance, don a “7.62 designs” t-shirt, and head down to your local dive bar where you can boost your ego by regaling to those who will listen, harrowing tales of your combat experience in the “Mighty 303”.

      Oh, don’t forget to wear your black and leopard print beret, and hoist a libation in honor of “Good Old Shoe”. Which as anyone will know, is the hallmark of true member of the 303.

      • Tank says:

        That story sounds aweful close to heart to be made up, is that a little projection I sense ? I guess you got me on this one because I don’t even know what to say to that rant. Are you still mad about the Godwin’s Law comment ?

  15. Stefan S. says:

    That is one queer assed photo!

  16. Joe says:

    So Tank, do you regularly go around to Librarys, rounding up old newspapers and magazines and burn them for containing pictures of Uncle Sam? Or Columbia? Do you frequent build a bear workshops around Independence Day and swipe patriotic themed stuffed toys from sobbing 4 year olds? Spend your energy standing up for something truly worthwhile.