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LanTac USA – 7.62 Dragon And Drakon Muzzle Brakes


LanTac will soon be releasing two new muzzle brakes for 7.62 rifles to complement their 5.56 Dragon brake. The 7.62 Dragon and 7.62 Drakon are intended for use on AR-pattern rifles and AK-pattern rifles respectively. Both brakes are CNC machined from hardened Milspec steel with a nitride finish. They feature a unique Short Energy Pulse system which reduces the length of recoil so that repeating shot energy doesn’t overlap and knock the shooter off target, and an Ultra Fast Attenuation of muzzle blast gasses that reduces flash signature.

To promote their new brakes, they created a super slow-mo video to demonstrate their effectiveness:

The Dragon and Drakon are currently available for pre-order, with an estimated release date of 3-4 weeks from now. Made in the USA.



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