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LanTac USA – E-CT1 Drop In Trigger

Saturday, January 13th, 2018

For immediate release.

The new E-CT1 3.5lb Single Stage drop in trigger is an evolution of the original concept. Our new trigger offers advanced machining, construction and materials with additional features and improvements. Utilizing Rise Armament’s advanced mechanics and exceptional precision machining, the Single Stage (3.5lb ) ECT1 delivers unbelievably short reset, nearly non-existent over-travel and a smoother, crisper, trigger pull than previous designs. Featuring our Patented hybrid curved and flat trigger bows that create an entirely new feel that will not fail to impress.

Utilizing double adjustment set screws for perfect pin tension and receiver fit the E-CT1 can be fitted using either standard trigger & hammer pins or the threaded rods and Allen head cap screws provided.


Lantac USA – Midnight Snack

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

This is what Lantac’s various teasers have been leading up to: the Midnight Snack feature, in which an intrepid werewolf hunter is called out to do battle with the lycanthrope terrorizing the local populace.


So, as entertaining as this is, what is this all really about? Lantac’s newest product announcement, the Dragon DGN556B-QM Muzzle Brake, Quick Mount for Gemtech Suppressors. The new Dragon DGN556B-QM is, as the name implies, a variant of Lantac’s flagship line of Dragon Muzzle Brakes, designed with a quick attach mount designed specifically for Gemtech Suppressors. The Dragon line of brakes are manufactured from hardened MilSpec steel with a nitride finish, and feature a unique Short Energy Pulse system which reduces the length of recoil, reducing overlap of repeating shot energy.

Lantac USA Halloween 2016 Special – Teaser 3

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Darryl is making back for home and he feels a lot happier to be leaving the woods. He’ll come back to investigate with his brothers in tow next time.

LanTac USA – 7.62 Dragon And Drakon Muzzle Brakes

Thursday, July 17th, 2014


LanTac will soon be releasing two new muzzle brakes for 7.62 rifles to complement their 5.56 Dragon brake. The 7.62 Dragon and 7.62 Drakon are intended for use on AR-pattern rifles and AK-pattern rifles respectively. Both brakes are CNC machined from hardened Milspec steel with a nitride finish. They feature a unique Short Energy Pulse system which reduces the length of recoil so that repeating shot energy doesn’t overlap and knock the shooter off target, and an Ultra Fast Attenuation of muzzle blast gasses that reduces flash signature.

To promote their new brakes, they created a super slow-mo video to demonstrate their effectiveness:

The Dragon and Drakon are currently available for pre-order, with an estimated release date of 3-4 weeks from now. Made in the USA.

LanTac USA And Chris Costa Collaboration

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

This is an announcement from LanTac USA detailing their partnership with Chris Costa of Costa Ludus..


We are very pleased to announce our collaboration with Chris Costa of Costa Ludus in the USA. Chris is coming on board to assist with development of new products and lending us his vast amount of experience. His invaluable input into future LANTAC products will assist us in delivering the absolute best to our customers around the world.

LanTac CL Press Release

Chris has an extensive background in the firearms industry; while he was President of Magpul Dynamics he worked directly with Magpul on their “Theory Based” product line. Chris has also consulted on several projects including; LaRue Rifle system, NightHawk 1911’s, Salient Arms International, and many others. And now he has brought he’s expertise in and consulted with us on our growing product line.

Chris’s reaction to our first US offering the DGN556B Dragon Muzzle Brake was outstanding, so much so that we have now done a limited co-branded version that will be available exclusively through Costa Ludus. It features the ‘COSTA’ Trademark and Trident, Shield logo, together with the LANTAC logo on the front.

We would like to thank Chris for his dedication and time to our ongoing projects.

Limited Number Available, Purchase here:-