Lantac USA – Midnight Snack

This is what Lantac’s various teasers have been leading up to: the Midnight Snack feature, in which an intrepid werewolf hunter is called out to do battle with the lycanthrope terrorizing the local populace.


So, as entertaining as this is, what is this all really about? Lantac’s newest product announcement, the Dragon DGN556B-QM Muzzle Brake, Quick Mount for Gemtech Suppressors. The new Dragon DGN556B-QM is, as the name implies, a variant of Lantac’s flagship line of Dragon Muzzle Brakes, designed with a quick attach mount designed specifically for Gemtech Suppressors. The Dragon line of brakes are manufactured from hardened MilSpec steel with a nitride finish, and feature a unique Short Energy Pulse system which reduces the length of recoil, reducing overlap of repeating shot energy.


3 Responses to “Lantac USA – Midnight Snack”

  1. Luke says:

    wow that was a lot of build up for that. Just imagine if they sponsored more matches, they would have achieved more for their advertising dollars.

  2. BrettW says:

    I didn’t know the chupacabra could make a brand less attractive. Mission Accomplished.

    Someone’s marketing dream came true, while dollars and valued positioning was most certainly lost.