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LanTac USA And Chris Costa Collaboration

This is an announcement from LanTac USA detailing their partnership with Chris Costa of Costa Ludus..


We are very pleased to announce our collaboration with Chris Costa of Costa Ludus in the USA. Chris is coming on board to assist with development of new products and lending us his vast amount of experience. His invaluable input into future LANTAC products will assist us in delivering the absolute best to our customers around the world.

LanTac CL Press Release

Chris has an extensive background in the firearms industry; while he was President of Magpul Dynamics he worked directly with Magpul on their “Theory Based” product line. Chris has also consulted on several projects including; LaRue Rifle system, NightHawk 1911’s, Salient Arms International, and many others. And now he has brought he’s expertise in and consulted with us on our growing product line.

Chris’s reaction to our first US offering the DGN556B Dragon Muzzle Brake was outstanding, so much so that we have now done a limited co-branded version that will be available exclusively through Costa Ludus. It features the ‘COSTA’ Trademark and Trident, Shield logo, together with the LANTAC logo on the front.

We would like to thank Chris for his dedication and time to our ongoing projects.

Limited Number Available, Purchase here:- http://www.costaludusgear.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=61&product_id=108


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11 Responses to “LanTac USA And Chris Costa Collaboration”

  1. Hodge175 says:

    For the record I had mine for several months already…. Before the Fan Boy mad rush that is soon to happen

  2. Michael says:

    Ordered my today!

  3. Frogman says:

    Tested one a couple months ago and still have it. This is not an accessory suitable for combat, IMO. Fun for competition, I suppose. It is a problem creator inside a house or in any rural combat. I’d have never let one of my troops on the chalk with a can-less carbine sporting a brake.


  4. Rei Matsuo says:

    are these good for home use? I’m looking for a replacement for my stock A2 muzzle. will not be used for competition. thanks

  5. Alden says:

    So its a Surefire with a 3rd port, How original

  6. Andrew says:

    I’ll stick with battlecomp and BCM for my “comps” and Surefire for my brakes / suppressor adapters…

  7. Todd says:

    Did they just drop “Costa’s” name and not give any product info ?

  8. James Taylor says:

    Looks like a MAMS knock-off. Well played… NOT!