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A New, Unseen MultiCam Variant


Reader Wilson S sent us this photo of a Vans LX shoe in the rare new “Aloha” variant of MultiCam. According to Crye, these are legit and were released late summer by Vans. The fabric was purchased from Duro and over printed to get the desired effect. It’s purely an item produced by Vans and I doubt we’ll ever see this again unless someone gens up a run of 500D and does a run of day packs and chest rigs. But, it does to to show how ubiquitous MultiCam has become.


12 Responses to “A New, Unseen MultiCam Variant”

  1. bulldog76 says:

    the new tropical pattern

  2. mike says:

    So possibly camo patterns have become more “discreet” than solid colors

  3. MattF says:

    Want that in a Hawaiian shirt.

  4. Mick says:

    Coming soon:


  5. Haji says:

    I would love a pair of those. I know a few people who would be monumentally offended by them, making the purchase totally worthwhile.

  6. Travis M says:

    Will there be a pinstripe multicam, too?

  7. Luke says:

    that would make a bad-ass backpack. I would definitely buy yardage.