NRA Life Of Duty Patriot Profiles Sponsored By Smith & Wesson: “BLOOD BROTHERS”

NRA Life of Duty has released a new feature called Patriot Profiles. Patriot Profiles details the efforts of those who work hard and put their lives on the line to protect the public and their freedoms.

In May of 2011, Buckeye, Arizona police officers Chris Paz and Rolando Tirado were working off-duty security detail at a popular Phoenix event when an altercation with a reckless driver turned deadly. This is the powerful story of the bonds of brotherhood between two officers who work side-by-side every day, and the aftereffect of what happens when one half of a partnership dies in the line of duty.


3 Responses to “NRA Life Of Duty Patriot Profiles Sponsored By Smith & Wesson: “BLOOD BROTHERS””

  1. CTF says:

    Always nicely done from the folks at Smith & Wesson.

  2. Stefan S. says:

    Sorry some of us remember S&W caving to Slick Willy Clinton back in the 1990’s. Look it up.

    • Stefan S. says:

      Office of the Press Secretary

      For Immediate Release March 17, 2000


      •Today, President Clinton will highlight an historic agreement with Smith and Wesson to build on his comprehensive efforts to reduce gun violence in America. The agreement represents an unprecedented partnership between the government and the gun industry to bring about meaningful reforms in the way the industry does business.

      •Since the beginning of his Administration, President Clinton has been working on every front to reduce gun violence and keep our communities safe. Since signing the historic Brady Law and 1994 assault weapons ban, the President has continued to fight for more tools to protect citizens from gun violence. President Clinton took recent executive action to crack down on unscrupulous gun dealers who sell guns to criminals and youth, and has continued to lead the national fight for common-sense gun safety legislation.

      •As part of this effort, President Clinton last December called on gun manufacturers to work with the Administration to make needed changes in the way they do business. Today, Smith and Wesson — one of the nation’s largest gun manufacturers — joined the federal government and cities and states across the country in a landmark agreement that will keep guns out of the wrong hands and result in safer guns.

      •Today’s agreement represents the first time a major gun manufacturer has committed to fundamentally change the way guns are designed, distributed and marketed. This deal shows what is possible when we work together in good faith. We applaud Smith and Wesson’s leadership, and hope other responsible members of the gun industry will step forward too.

      Never will buy their products!