S.O.TECH Has Just Launched A Revamped Website

S.O.Tech new site

S.O.TECH has just launched a revamped website with a cleaner format, new notifications, and a stock status feature. To celebrate, they are offering 25% off on some of their most popular products including the MACTAC Pack, Expanding SERE Pack, and of course the Battle Bear. The new site is great to look at, is easy to navigate, and loads fast. Give it a visit and take a look around.


7 Responses to “S.O.TECH Has Just Launched A Revamped Website”

  1. Chris U'5 says:

    Great company but their old website wasn’t great if I’m honest so this is a good news story for me.
    Hopefully the discount applies to International orders too…I got stung by US Cav on an order for SO Tech stuff when they went bust so this might be a chance to replace the items that I paid for and never received…US Cav you suck ballz!

    • straps says:

      Yeah you weren’t lying about that web site…

    • DEEBEES says:

      What items did they screw you on?

      • Chris U'5 says:

        Some Mission Go Bags and related accessories. I can’t remember the full story now (I have all the emails saved somewhere) but I do remember feeling very pissed off! I’m peretty sure in the end someone took them over but kept the name and contact details and they said if I buy the items I was shafted on again they would give me a 25% discount….that’ll be fucking right! I just wrote it off in the end and learned a hard lesson.

        • Deebees says:

          That’s terrible! And those bags aren’t cheap!

          • Chris U'5 says:

            In the past I’ve ordered direct from SO Tech when they’ve had deals on, especially deals on shipping, as it’s very expensive getting kit from the US to UK. This time I took a chance on US Cav as shipping was cheaper even though they were on ‘back order’ Ended up on ‘back order’ for 4 months then they went bust and I couldn’t get my money back!
            Anyway, like I said, SO Tech are a great company to deal with and everything I’ve bought from them in the past has been fantastic. I especially love the Mission Go Bags but I’m really interested in their SERE pack too, I need to do some research of those.

  2. jjj0309 says:

    Good news, because the old S.O.TECH website were looks very weak and vulnerable by white hat’s point of view. Hope they fixed all the private security disasters.