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DoD Improved Soldier Survivability and Mobility Solutions Meeting

The Department of Defense’s Rapid Reaction Technology Office (RRTO) will conduct a Solutions Meeting in the Tampa, Florida area during October 2014. The Solutions Meeting provides selected innovative companies with an opportunity to make short technical presentations to government representatives about their technologies and products. There is a potential that companies may be selected for pilot projects or experimentation if their technology appears to match the needs described below.

The RRTO is supporting the Department of Defense in looking for technologies to protect and improve the Department’s warfighting capabilities. The operational goal is to significantly improve both the survivability and mobility of tomorrow’s warfighters.

The DoD Improved Solider Survivability and Mobility effort is looking for innovative technologies and capabilities in the following areas:

Innovative/Advanced Materials
– Ballistic armor and blast protection
– Chemical/biological/radiological protection
– Lightweight, conformal, shapeable
– Metals, ceramics, composites
– Multi-spectral signature management
– Performance enhancing textiles and fabrics, as well as electronic textiles
Imaging, Sensing & Displays
– Extremely low latency wearable digital optical systems
– Innovative personal display technologies with enhanced capabilities such as wide field of view, high definition, retinal projection, contact lenses, etc.
– Non-GPS assisted Mapping
– Beyond line of sight high capacity comms
– High bandwidth short range peer-to-peer comms
– Innovative antennas such as tunable antennas, body conformal, etc.
– Custom antenna manufacturing and design
– Remote tele-medicine and real-time physiological monitoring
Data Processing & Controls
– Rugged processors and sensors
– Advanced/lightweight cabling
– Intuitive controls/interfaces such as voice, gesture, neural, etc.
– Virtual controls – Novel software and application development tools
– Distributed computing
– Data compression
Data Analytics
– Modeling and simulation tools to assess impacts of load carriage and exoskeletons on musculoskeletal health and performance
– Bio-mechanical/kinematic motion capture and measurement
– Data set development, management and analytics
Power & Energy
– High performance/high torque and low power/small size actuators
– Power generation technologies, such as efficient/small internal combustion engines, hybrid systems, etc.
– Prime and rechargeable high density batteries
– Innovative energy storage solutions such as SOFC and PEM fuel cells, ultra capacitors, solid-state or lithium-air batteries, etc.

Aside from the weapons manufacturers, that’s pretty much every company that reads SSD. Companies interested in participating in the Solutions Meeting should submit an application to RRTO Innovation via e-mail by 6 August, 2014. For full instructions visit

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