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Motopeds – Survival Bike

Motoped is a company formed from a successful Kickstarter venture for a motorized bike kit that utilizes an XR50/pitbike engine and standard mountain bike components. They’ve recently unveiled a prototype of their next product, the ‘Survival Bike’.

Survival Bike

Although the specs haven’t been released yet, the base model Survival Bike shown above has changes over the standard model including a subdued color scheme with Olive Drab overtones, additional fuel canisters, and a carry rack.

Survival Bike Black Ops

Pictured above is the ‘Black Ops’ model, which features the following tools and accessories:

– Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow

– Rotopax RX-1G Gas Packs – 1 Gallon

– United Cutlery M48 Tactical Survival Shovel

– United Cutlery M48 Hawk Tomahawk

– United Cutlery M48 Hawk Harpoon

– Gerber Fixed Blade Saw

– Blackburn X6 Light System

– Black Diamond Carabiners / Climbing rope

– Cree Mini LED Flashlight

– BioLogic Bike Mount for iPhone4/gps

– Tool Logic Tactical Multifunction Knife / light

– Tool Logic Credit Card Companion multi-tool

– CRKT Guppie multi-tool

– Tactical-Warrior Neck Knife

Be sure to frequent the Motopeds Facebook page for continuing information on the Survival Bike, including final specs and pricing, as it becomes available.


16 Responses to “Motopeds – Survival Bike”

  1. Dumb Ass Marine says:

    Seriously kewl!

  2. Invictus says:

    Should have called that package the Darryl.

  3. Rogue Male says:

    Will there be an OCP version?!!!


  4. tazman66gt says:

    Would like a bare one without the add-ons. Kit it out ourselves.

  5. EntropyWorks says:

    The company currently has some issues with some suppliers right now. The survival bike isn’t for sale just yet. I’m one of the kickstarter supporters and have only part of my order. They are behind on delivery to some supporters but appear to be on track. I don’t expect the Survival Bike to be actually for sale till they get the supply chain nailed down better.

  6. Stefan S. says:

    Want one.

  7. Haji says:

    Its a great concept, but if I’m gonna really use it, I’m not gonna use United Cutlery parts. Great at doing fantasy knives and movie stuff, not great at high performance.

  8. Bill says:

    Multifuel capability would be cool. Diesel, chainsaw 2-stroke, white gas….

  9. Danger Close says:

    Multicam / Flat Dark Earth or it doesn’t happen! Nice idea and setup, multi-fuel would be cool. Molle / Pals slots on flat metal on the rear cargo shelf in conjunction with the tubular frame would be cool. small tool kit and slime tubes all around!

  10. Luis gomez says:

    How much 4 The bike….? And hoy long to delivery