Officer Survival Initiative – Plate Pocket Trauma Kit

Plate Pocket Trauma kit

Designed by current and former TEMS medics, Law Enforcement trauma care instructors, and other first responders, the Plate Pocket Trauma Kit is a low-profile trauma kit designed to be carried in the trauma plate pocket of concealed soft body armor. It combines several TCCC/LEFR-TCC compliant components necessary to treat life threatening traumatic injuries as experienced by today’s LEOs and warfighters. Additionally, the PPTK is resealable, allowing for a degree of customization for individual requirements.

Plate Pocket Trauma Kit 3

Available in Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced configurations, with the option to add a Nasopharyngeal airway and HALO chest seal. Made in the USA.

Plate Pocket trauma kit 5


7 Responses to “Officer Survival Initiative – Plate Pocket Trauma Kit”

  1. Kango says:

    So they want to put life saving equipment in the front of your vest?…

    • Felix says:

      Reminds me on SONS Trauma Kit.

      I dont like the packing list. Quick Clot without Gauze is not always the best idea. People tend to see quick clot combat gauze as a better replacement for normal gauze…but it works best in conjunction with it.

      • Jake says:

        Thanks for the feedback.

        Kango- We definitely understand the limitations of putting your gear on the outside of your armor. We offer several different styles of kits in lots of options, this is just one more for folks looking for another option.

        Felix- Great point on the gauze. Our original specs included primed gauze but it just made the package too bulky to fit well into the space available, so it didn’t make the final cut. It can definitely be added by the user, though if a little extra bulk isn’t a problem for you.

        As far as the Sons kit goes, we really have been working on this for several months, as well as building on our past kits from the last several years. I think you’ll find that all of us in this field tend to have pretty similar contents lists just because of what’s available out there, what fits where, and what works. That said, we know the guys over at Phokus pretty well and think they put out a pretty good product. We just fill different niches.

        Again, thanks for the feedback!


  2. Chris says:

    The premise is that kits like this go behind an armor plate, either soft or hard. I run a similar kit in the plate pocket of my vest but it’s covered by a soft trauma plate.

    In many organizations traditional “dress” style uniforms are the order of the day, and as such there really are limited options for carrying equipment like that.

  3. Qball says:

    Why do cops feel they need to wear this stuff? A cab driver or 7-11 clerk has a more dangerous job and I don’t see them wearing TQ’s and blow out kits.

    • SSD says:

      Because their jobs are dangerous. Think of it as an insurance policy. Many officers perform duties in remote areas. Medical support can be up to an hour away.