U.S. Tactical Supply – SS Loophole Sling


Created by Shadow Tech, makers of the HOG and PIG saddle, the SS Loophole Sling is designed to support unconventional firing positions to maximize shooter stability, specifically tailored for individuals who shoot off of tripods and barricades. A sewn in loophole at the rear of the sling allows the shooter to rapidly connect and disconnect the sling to their belt for supported positions – sitting, kneeling, standing, or during helo operations. The sling features one handed adjustment, and a duraflex QD buckle for quick detachment during an emergency.


Made using 1.25″ webbing with no metal components. Made in the USA.


12 Responses to “U.S. Tactical Supply – SS Loophole Sling”

  1. bulldog76 says:

    damn and i thought someone made a modern nylon 1907 sling *sigh* oh well i can dream

    • EDM says:

      If you are looking for modern 1907 loop slings, check out Short Action Precision’s Position Sling, Rifles Only FTW sling, or the TAB RAS. All three are modern quick-adjusting takes on the old loop sling.

      • bulldog76 says:

        found what im looking for

        • E.D.M. says:

          Yeah, the TIS slip cuff is classic. I’ve been using the TAB gear sling (very similar). Only real drawback for my style is that using the keeper to tighten up the loop isn’t very solid. The ones I mentioned use a cinching strap and have the ability to adjust the front length on the fly. Much faster to get into position, loop up, and adjust length as needed.

          But, as usual, use what fits your need!

          • bulldog76 says:

            ya im more use to using a tradition 1907 sling so im trying to keep everything similar to something i know and trust

  2. Joshua says:

    These days you won’t see a sniper or DM using the traditional arm-loop method. I’ve never heard of someone taking an actual shot traditionally slung up in the 10+ years at war.
    It’s just not practical to have an arm in a sling for hours or days on end, waiting for a target of opportunity.
    This sling was designed around modern techniques that have actually helped snipers put rounds on target overseas.
    Below are examples of how the sling is employed…

    • bulldog76 says:

      even the army field manuals and training videos from ww2 said when applicable so i guess there hasn’t been a situation when it was needed to be used

  3. Brearly Mason says:

    This is the on I use while on maneuvers or when I am hunting.

    I have tried all the others and this is the one I use. Nothing else works so good, holds so good, and is the traditional design.

  4. AbnMedOps says:

    Anyone tried a 3-point sling set up like the Jeff Cooper Styer Scout Rifle?