Modern Warfare Week

TNVC Hunting Videos

TNVC recently released a series of YouTube videos detailing highlights from a recent hog hunt at Wild River Ranch in Victoria, Texas.

This video features footage of a 5.56 SPR build in use – 77gr match ammo, with the newly released FLIR T75 clip-on thermal mounted in front of a Trijicon ACOG. The shots were taken from roughly 100 yards. This video could also be the very first instance of a hog kill while using the FLIR T75.

The next set of videos shows two separate occurrences of the use of a Barnett Quad 400 crossbow with a PEQ-15 laser mounted to it. The hunters utilized TNV/Sentinel goggles during the hunt. This could very well be the first ever video of a hog kill with a crossbow with a PEQ-15 mounted to it.


One Response to “TNVC Hunting Videos”

  1. Desert Lizard says:

    Mental note: when hog hunting, use more firepower than a 5.56. That hog kept running until the fourth hit.