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John Barklow, SOCOM Survival Expert Joins Beyond Clothing

Former SOCOM Survival Equipment Analyst, Master Mountaineer, and Senior Survival Instructor John Barklow will help lead Beyond’s efforts to develop survival technology and techniques.

Seattle, WA, August 23, 2014 – Beyond Clothing, a technical clothing designer and manufacturer for the outdoor industry and professional user community, has brought on Master Level Special Operations Community mountaineer John Barklow to serve as the company’s Survival Master Trainer. In this capacity, Retired Naval Chief Barklow will help lead Beyond’s efforts to continue developing state of the art outdoor and military clothing technologies that enable professional users and consumers to operate and survive in the harshest of conditions.

A 20-year Chief Navy Diver, Barklow brings with him decades of experience developing essential military and commercial technical outdoor gear, and has served as an instructor and leader for SOCOM in the art of survival. He retired from military service in September of 2008 and made the move from Kodiak, Alaska to Salt Lake City, UT in August. Barklow’s first book, ” Dress to Kill” about how to live and survive in the wilderness, is set for release next spring.

“I am excited to join the Beyond Team to continue our mutual work of developing and advancing vital clothing technologies, and educating users on the art of survival,” said the master training specialist. “Beyond’s focus and commitment to the end user and their ability to execute their missions safely, irrespective of environmental factors, made our pairing a good fit. Survival isn’t just about securing top notch clothing, it’s also about educating the user on how to use said clothing to ensure their safety.”

As part of his new role as Beyond Clothing’s Survival Master Trainer, Barklow will be leading a series of videos for the company, detailing training and survival techniques that he has mastered in his military and civilian capacities. The videos will debut this fall and are expected to assist both mission and commercial customers with utilizing Beyond’s uniquely advanced clothing systems.

“John is an American hero and well known and respected in the Special Operations Community. Having his superior product development and instructional expertise behind Beyond Clothing greatly enhances our ability to ensure that every end user of our product is utilizing their gear to its potential,” said Beyond Clothing President Richard Elder. “It’s going to save lives. We are honored beyond measure to have him as a part of the Beyond team.”

Congrats to John and the Beyond Team! We can’t wait to see what comes next.


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2 Responses to “John Barklow, SOCOM Survival Expert Joins Beyond Clothing”

  1. justin says:

    “If there was one person i would want to be lost in the mountains with..”
    Cant wait to see the developments from Barklow!
    Congrats John and the Beyond crew!

  2. Lance says:

    Looking forward to the videos, hope the transition in latitudes goes well!