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RE Factor Tactical – Pelican Case Insert Combination

Pelican Insert 1

RE Factor Tactical’s Pelican Case Insert is designed to help organize the inside of a Pelican case. It consists of a front panel with PALS and Velcro loop webbing that allows for compatibility with hook patches/pouches and/or PALS compatible pouches. Three included hook and loop tape strips adhere to the interior of the case so that the insert can adhere to the top lid.

Inserts that are compatible with the 1700 and 1750 are currently available.


6 Responses to “RE Factor Tactical – Pelican Case Insert Combination”

  1. Shawn says:

    Anyone else had trouble keeping self-adhesive stuff stuck to Pelican’s plastic?

    • BillC says:

      Nope. I cleaned the snot out of mine and the stuff from Home Depot lasted fine through deployments. Velcro held a flat screen TV on the underside of the lid, in a Pelican 1650 case. Adhesive, and the hook & loop, never quit.

  2. steave says:

    I use adhesive velcro on mine and it is fine

  3. RayForest says:

    I like the idea but I keep thinking without the top foam and without a weapon specific cutout, what keeps your stuff from just banging around?

  4. tackleberry says:

    I share Ray’s concern about this concept allowing non-velcoed content to slip around and risk migrating and undesired contact. Seems an easy solution would be cut the thick base foam thread through Velcro soft case style straps and anchor them with Velcro under the foam to the case. Oh and a desiccant pocket for anything going on foam, heck stored in hard cases in general.

  5. RE Factor Tactical says:

    Those are certainly valid concerns. We developed the insert after SF guys were complaining that they would pull out the foam so they could include more gear in their case when traveling but when they opened the case everything was a mess. This allows them to organize their case and we have found that when you pack the case with weapons, pouches, magazine and other equipment that it keeps everything from rolling around. If you have a precision rifle then you would want to keep it in a foam cutout but if you are running an AR/M4 then this would be a better fit.