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High Speed Gear – Improvement To The TACO Line

SWANSBORO, NC – 26AUG2014 – High Speed Gear is pleased to announce of an improvement to our TACO® line of pouches. Moving forward, all TACO® pouches that utilize an injected molded bracket will have the following improvements implemented.


• Each bracket is now 1/8th inch longer creating higher feed ramps for easier indexing and reinsertion of magazines.

• Increased the size of and beveled the eyehole for easier tension adjustment.

• Adjusted the proportion of all edges and corners


The bracket is one of the most crucial and unique parts of our TACO® pouches. It keeps the pouch open when empty and allows the user to index magazines for easy reinsertion. By improving the bracket, it will allow for improved performance. Implementation was made across the board and the polymer material utilized retains the same strength as previous versions.



7 Responses to “High Speed Gear – Improvement To The TACO Line”

  1. Chris Bowers says:

    Did they make it so you can attach them without ripping out 3 fingernails in the process and losing all feeling in your hands?

    • Jim says:

      +1…what he ^ said very good bits of kit and once they’re on they’re not coming off….one of the reasons they’re not is I don’t want to go through the physical trauma again!

    • mike says:

      The are switching to an improved Malice clip if the skuttlebutt is accurate, but I really wish they would suck it up and pay the royalties to use MOLLE or create some similar/different tech to get around that. Those Malice clips are the entire reason that I use TYR’s combat adjustable pouch instead of HSGI TACO products.

    • straps says:

      How often are you moving your gear?

      I actually like the aggressive purchase.

      As low pro as a piece of MALICE-affixed gear can be and rock solid.

      …Or, it’s Gene Higdon’s devious plan to get you to buy a new TACO (and maybe a rig) rather than countenance the possibility of moving one.

  2. The carbon scraper on the Multitasker works well just hook it through the locking tab and pull.

  3. Jeff says:

    The Molle straps with snaps work the best! Gives you the tight fit without the losing a finger nail or feeling in your hands. I tried putting the Taco pouch on and by the time I weaved the molle straps in and out it was near impossible to secure