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Corps Strength – Prep Yourself

While I haven’t watched all of the “Prepper” reality shows that are all over cable TV nowadays, I’ll admit, I’ve watched my share. It’s a mindless guilty pleasure for me. Much of it seems staged for TV, but some of the people do seem sincere? I find it interesting (and funny) to see what some people are up to, but in any case as a Marine I do believe in being prepared. No, I don’t mean prepping for a Zombie Apocalypse, Alien invasion or an Illuminati takeover. I mean something that happens in the real world people, like having to evacuate due to a hurricane, living off the grid if you lose power/water and being ready to defend your property and family during civil unrest. These things I’m 100% ready for. Ready with the necessary supplies, a plan and I’m PHYSICALLY ready.

I emphasis that last part, because as one thing you see 90% of the time when you watch a prepper show is how way out of shape most of these people are? To be fair, not everyone, but the vast majority seem they’re more prepared to assault the buffet at Golden Corral, than deal with any real threat. Nothing personal, but It just seems silly to me that people would spend untold amounts of time and money on buying weapons, ammo, gold, storing food and water, etc, but don’t take a minute to maintain themselves in decent physical condition. So what you say? I mean if you have weapons, and can shoot, who cares? You may not care either, but I know better. Being out of shape in one of these situations can be a real problem, not just for you, but for those around you.

Over the years I’ve seen many people operate in harms way. Our military forces, contractors and internationals overseas, and people trying to deal with some serious natural disasters here in the states. Harsh conditions and high stress combined with very little sleep will beat your ass down like a five cell mag light. IMO no amount of weapons or dried food will help you deal with that stress better than just being in good physical condition. Being in good shape will help you stay mentally on point also. I’ve seen people in poor condition quickly become a burden to others in these situations. Look what happened to many people during and after Katrina? I’m not talking about special forces level fitness here (which couldn’t hurt), but just basic good condition, with a healthy bodyweight. That is especially true if you’re a first responder and have to work 24/7 helping others.


In my book Corps Strength I lay out a proven and effective PT program that will get (and keep) you in great physical shape. That’s without a big time investment, or any special equipment or foods. Actually it’s the perfect plan for someone of the prepper mindset, which is to be prepared. My simple point is that before you spend all your spare cash on another 1000 rounds of 5.56 or a box of Mountain House, prep yourself first. Get in shape, get your weight right and it will probably be the useful prepping you’ll ever do. Plus if the Zombies do show up, you’ll be able to out run them.

Be safe always, good when you can.

Semper Fi



29 Responses to “Corps Strength – Prep Yourself”

  1. Justin says:

    This is a great article. A lot of people don’t understand how simple it is. Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, squats, and running are basically free. All it takes is a little bit of effort and I think that’s where people fall short.

    • Justin says:

      These words are true.
      Pull-ups especially for myself, since being able to hang on/get higher/help someone else up would be essential in any practical emergency (and more so if ZOMBIES).
      Different Justin by the way.

    • Joshua says:

      Spot on. My workouts really do only include pushups, situps, squats, and running. Such an easy form of working out and yet so simple to stay in shape when doing it.

  2. jjj0309 says:

    The true prep for apocalypse is stockpile tons of food supplies and gasoline in the bunker with radio.
    And maybe some books for Cabin fever.
    If you gonna have to use your muscle for stay alive, that’s more like survival situation, whether urban or wilderness.
    But anyway, I agree that well-prepared body and mind is the best and most needed tool for any SHTF scenarios.

    • Desert Lizard says:

      This is my vision of the situation too. Focus on getting away from the high population area, then it’s time for water, food, sandbags, and intel.

    • mike says:

      which is all fine and well, but without a fit body none of the other stuff is likely to come into play.

      How many people do you have “bugout” loadouts they couldn’t walk a mile on flat/featureless terrain.

  3. Jon, OPT says:

    Gunny always tells it like it is, much respect Brother, I’ve been preaching the same thing for years. Best Gunny quote on mitigating the modern diet? “Eat like an adult.”

    Jon, OPT

  4. SGT Colorado says:

    Finger of the trigger lunchbox.

  5. Dellis says:

    In my area of South Texas there are so many fricken fat people that if there ever was a zombie out-break where dead people and/or animals feed on human flesh….this area would feed them for years! If one was to stand outside of any larger store every 8 out of 10 people walking in or out is grossly overweight.

    I get sick watching what they put in their grocery carts. Ding Dongs, hot pockets, potato chips, just tons of empty carbs. Oh wait…..and a case of DIET soda! Cause we all know that one diet soda can erase the 1800 calories they just stuffed into their fat chipmunk cheeks.

    Not sure what would be worse….flesh eating zombies or fat people not getting their government assistance checks and then going on a rampage for their YooHoo fix?

    • Erik says:

      Hey bro,

      Don’t hate on the hot pockets! After a good 7 or 8 mile run, I find myself smashing one (or two) of those! And maybe with a solid San Diego IPA! Ok, maybe that is out of the norm for the shoppers you’re talking about, but still, they are damn tasty. Hell, if HSGI made a cool pice of nylon gear for a hot pocket, I might buy it!(not seriously…..but kind of!)


      • Mike Nomad says:

        A modified, er, taco might get you sorted on Hot Pocket transport. Add a little parchment paper to maintain freshness…

      • Dellis says:

        Oh I hear ya, when I started my business I lived on HP’s for a solid year. I mean I tried every one they made and ya know I grew rather fond of the BBQ chicken ones.

        Now I couldn’t eat one, reckon I made myself sick of them.

        I wonder what’s in that bottom big boys pouches? Extra slim jims or HP’s? WOW….his helmet looks as if it actually bows out at the brim!!

    • Joshua says:

      Oh hell NO!!!!!!! You did not insult twinkies!!!!!!

      Moderation is key to enjoying snacks, I can easily have one diet soda(well the 10’s) a day, and a twinkie and easily stay in shape. Now if I went all crazy and put away 6 packs of twinkies a day well……

  6. A man called Jayne says:

    “but It just seems silly to me that people would spend untold amounts of time and money on buying weapons, ammo, gold, storing food and water, etc, but don’t take a minute….”

    to brush and floss their teeth.

  7. Patrick says:

    I just launched an assault on the buffet tonight though. My waistline suffered moderate casualties.

  8. j kifer says:

    Is that a rubber duck that he’s holding? And do you even airsoft bro?

  9. Felix says:

    Nice Article, as always.

    Many people want to be fighters but tend to avoid physical training. I workout everyday, basic calisthenic exercises, some olympic weight lifting, running and also martial arts.

    When people come to our classes they are often annoyed by the big percentage of physical and self defense exercises in our Force-on-Force classes.

  10. Mike Nomad says:

    Wow, these “Doughboys” look like 100% liability. Exhibit A also has the Bonus Play of No Trigger Discipline…

    Another great article from MGunz, with meta-level application. The mind set & behavior described can just as well be applied to much of the day-to-day in the Civilian World.

    I’ve always questioned that 80s & 90s phenom of trying to apply The Book Of Five Rings or The Art Of War to the Corporate Sector. The Head Space that MGunz lays out here is pure gold. I know I still have to both box and swing my internal compass from time to time. And it does not get easier with age…

    @ Dellis – Living in SE Texas, I too see plenty of what you are describing. I think the Zombie Outbreak here will go harder than elsewhere: All those empty calories are going to make zombies more grumpy and disagreeable than usual.

  11. Desert Lizard says:

    When I was talking with some of the neighbors about helping each other out during a disaster, fitness level was one of the criteria I used for discriminating. It affects so many things: amount of precious food consumed, stress control, mobility, ability to stay alert when on watch, health/hygiene, amount of weight others have to move of you’re injured, and it even is a good indicator of how responsible you are.

    • Angry Jarhead says:


      Completely agree here. Slovenliness is an indicator of poor mental discipline, lack of delayed gratification, and lack of patience. And- ironically, the fattest of the bunch will consume thousands of calories more per day than the typical male/female in a survival situation. Not someone I want to share MREs with. -AJ

  12. Darth says:

    What rule number was it on Zombieland….CARDIO!!!

  13. Reverend says:

    SUCH A TRUE ARTICLE! I remember working a gunshow where some guy weighing all of 400 lbs, none of it muscle telling me, “You need X-Y-Z training, and firearms.”

    All I could think was “Dude, you’re sweating worse than a whore in church, and you ain’t even walked 100 yards from your vehicle.”

    Your first line of defense in any situation is a clear mind due to a healthy body. All the gear in the world ain’t gonna save your keister if you buy your twinkies in a hover-round and you’re only 45 years old.

  14. Michael B. says:

    It’s part of their food storage plans. Best place to have extra food saved is on the body 😉

  15. John Smith says:

    This is a point that could be made across the entire strata of American/European society. Largesse brings fat. Fat brings death. Discipline is required.

    The only thing I think was left out of this article: the mental benefit of a strong body and the active pursuit of overall fitness. It sharpens the mind, lengthens synaptic endurance and puts control back in the cockpit rather than in the hands of circumstance.

    BTW: If I had a nickel for every overweight internet commando that I have seen wearing 5.11 pants and toting a $400 tactical folder…I wouldn’t be so worried about retirement

  16. m5 says:


    I suggest trying out some ‘patrol’ type of military sport. Ie, a combination of running, orienteering and ‘practical’ shooting. Or ‘just’ biathlon (ski-shooting), or plain orienteering (no shooting).

    The shooting sections may seem trivial. How can an even modestly proficient shooter possibly miss? Likewise, can’t those people read a map at all?

    And now try it yourself.

    Out-of-breath, the heart pounding, exhausted. Shooting straight – and thinking straight – is now very very difficult. If you had been in better shape, you could have made it to the control a bit less exhausted. And that would have made a huge difference.

    Besides. Preparing for natural disaster, war or whatever apocalypse is pretty much moot, if you’re grossly overweight. Being seriously obese is so dangerous, that the main issue for survival is to get into shape before you die of a heart stroke or such. Look at the statistics.