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Spartan Village – AirCage Helmet Cover


Necessity is truly the mother of invention. Developed with direct user feedback from several SOF units, Spartan Village’s AirCage Helmet Cover is designed specifically to work with the Crye Precision AirFrame ballistic helmet. Made from mesh and stretch materials, the AirCage fits as if a “second skin” on the AirFrame, providing increased sized Velcro loop panels for mounting a vareity of lights, strobes, power packs, goggles, and identifying markers.


The AirCage also utilizes a new retention system consisting of small slots sewn into the rear loop panels. These slots accept several upcoming accessory brackets which are designed to provide security for helmet accessories and ensure they are not lost while knocked around during use. These accessory brackets will soon be available for purchase. I’ve seen one of the prototypes for eyepro and it’s pretty slick.

Currently available in Medium; Large will be available soon.


15 Responses to “Spartan Village – AirCage Helmet Cover”

  1. Ever heard about MultiCam loop ?

    • We have and we considered using it but it just ends up looking like garbage after extended use.

      • Eddie says:

        Really? Are there any photographic examples? I’ve got a Milspec Monkey Adapt pack and a small pat panel that have multicam loop on them, but haven’t gotten any wear on them yet. I’m curious to what happens.

      • Anon says:

        Agreed, MC velcro looks like garbage. Glad to see a company sticking with the classic solid colors on that.

        Hopefully we’ll get to have a MC Tropic or Arid version of this cover if the mesh fabrics ever become available.

  2. ODG says:

    Yawn…Whats the old saying? Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery? …Don’t support parasitic products.

    • Anon says:

      Uhh, what? I’ll support them because this is a product I want to purchase that isn’t available from anyone else.

    • JB says:

      Who else besides Crye makes an Airframe cover?

      • BM says:

        There are numerous OEM building Airframe covers. We have been doing ours since 2012.

        • Definitely like the concepts you have with your cover, BM. We found your helmet cover while doing our market research although we aren’t strangers to all the other great gear you’re putting out. We couldn’t find anyone else with an Airframe cover outside of you and Crye…who else makes one? (other than cheap airsoft replicas)

          • BM says:

            I have actually been unable to come up with any links for you spartan village. Sorry mate. However, I have seen others from other companies. They just must not be advertising at the moment. I like the modules by the way.

  3. Platatac (Australia) makes full mesh cover for the Airframe.