It Only Took Them Two Years


Since I’m now seeing it posted everywhere, I’ll comment. Not bad, it only took folks two years to realize that KeyMod works just like industrial shelving.


24 Responses to “It Only Took Them Two Years”

  1. bulldog76 says:

    *mind blown* LOL

  2. badjujuu says:

    hahaha, “life hack” oh man, im stunned. made my day type of thing.

  3. Strike-Hold says:

    LOL – same as how you can walk into a motorcycle clothing section and see where Crye got the inspiration for their elbow and knee pads from.

    Not saying there’s anything wrong with either KeyMod or Crye – but I do find that people throw around the “revolutionary” word rather willy-nilly sometimes…

    • straps says:

      I remember sneaking a pair of skateboard pads (Rectors–with Woodland camo print, no less) and CCM hockey elbow pads (under my blouse) into something we called MOUT training back in the day and being teased relentlessly about it.

  4. Taylor says:

    Oh hey! It’s painfully obvious now…

  5. Badjujuu says:

    Here is a article from 2013 comparing the keymod to shelving units

  6. SSD says:

    It was all in good fun guys. Tomorrow is a rough day and I thought we needed a laugh.

  7. Gabe says:

    That is funny. When keymod came out, I didn’t like it for a while because it looked like shelving brackets. I kept thinking, wtf, whoever came up with this just stole it from those shelf brackets…that crap looks like cheap garbage.

    I held out for a while then I was in my local gun shop and held a BMC KMR rail and after that, I had to have one. So I threw one on my new custom build. But yeah, that post brought me back to my thoughts in the beginning. Well done!

  8. Tirod says:

    Anyone want to say what the highest selling keymod accessory is out there?

    The Picitinny rail adapter?

    Oh, no, that couldn’t be true . . .

    • Cimg says:

      That funny stuff right ther!

    • straps says:

      Sighting of the week: A KeyMod forend mounted with 4x 10″ Picatinny Rail Adapters.

    • Joe_momma says:

      But it’s a small section of rail. The prior modular designed were a great sleek design and like the keymod you added rails where you needed, but you still had threading in the rail (ie the old arms sir). This way there no threading to to strip out or have inserts spinning in place. And the key mod also allows for the screw backer to he entrapped vs some of the original iwc type mounts

  9. Mike says:

    I have these exact shelves in my two storage rooms and soon my garage. Modular design FTW.

  10. Bman says:

    So I’m pretty sure this picture was taken in my garage. In that container, you might find my girlfriends high school cheerleader pompoms. If I see one of those keep calm and return fire pictures there, I will truly know that SSD is everywhere.

    • AbnMedOps says:

      Why doesn’t your girlfriend keep her pompoms in her locker at school, like all the other cheerleaders? :/

  11. Terry says:

    Bonus points if you can put some keymod accessories on your shelves 😛

  12. MidgasFan says:

    Funny that folks didn’t bother to read Eric Kincel of Vltor(at the time) has written that his inspiration for KeyMod came from shelving platforms.

    I live simple products!

    As for the pic rails, I was in a local shop today where a kid was picking up his spec’s build with a 15″ Seekins KeyMod and he asked the armorer how much it would cost for , the quad rail look”…. The armorer said, if you want a quad rail I’ll order you one but you wanted light, sleek and simple so that’s what we built. The buyer was concerned with looks instead of function which is why I personally think the Keymod rocks. Both function (#1 importance) and sexy form (#4 on the importance list for me).

    • can't_understand says:

      I’d actually like to hear the rest of your list…just got finished building a looks based AR15, but I definitely think functionality is high up there

  13. Kyle H says:

    I can tell you what else keymod looks like…

    • Dan S says:

      It’s most likely a scheme for armorers to put a bunch of tiny dicks on our guns. They fooled me with the words “modular” and “industry standard”… I knew “operator” was next on the list so I had to buy.