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FRAG OUT! Magazine – SureFire 60 Round Magazine Meets Polish MSBS Assault Rifle

FRAG OUT! Magazine recently had the opportunity to shoot some footage of the Polish MSBS Assault Rifle in both its standard (MSBS-K) and bullpup (MSBS-B) configurations, loaded using 60-round SureFire magazines along with standard 30-round mags. The above video features both configurations of the MSBS, while the bottom video features only the standard MSBS-K.



10 Responses to “FRAG OUT! Magazine – SureFire 60 Round Magazine Meets Polish MSBS Assault Rifle”

  1. StefanS. says:

    Before anyone posts disparaging remarks about Poland/Poles remember we were defending Christendom almost a thousand years before America ever existed.
    Ogniem i mieczem!

    • Badjujuu says:

      Tutaj raczej nikt si? nie ?mieje z Polak√≥w…. Towarzystwo jest bardziej kulturalne ni? na innych stronach..

  2. Cimg says:

    WANT!!!! When’s the us version coming?

  3. GMK says:

    The inconsistent direction of ejection worries me: if that ammunition is the same type/batch, its a symptom of irregular bolt velocity.

  4. Joe says:

    Any idea if Magpul was involved in the development of the MSBS it looks so much like an ACR.

    • Raa says:

      It was based on ACR only when it comes to ergonomics. Older prototypes looked more like retarded SCAR abortions but over time they found out optimal shapes (however work in this department is still in progress). Internal mechanisms are innovative and patented.