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Sneak Peak – BCM Stock



What are we looking at here exactly? Why, it’s a brand-new stock from BCM. The first glimpse came from a couple of images showing Frank Proctor and Travis Haley running it on their rifles.

SS_Vickers 1

Most recently, Larry Vickers posted a few up close photos of the new stock on his Facebook fan page.

SS_Vickers 2

SS_Vickers 3

We look forward to seeing this stock on the market in the next few weeks.


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18 Responses to “Sneak Peak – BCM Stock”

  1. Joe says:

    Anyone recognize what Haley is using for a handstop? Looks like the magpul one, but that wouldn’t fit on a keymod without an rail added to it.

    • Adam says:

      He’s using a Zero Bravo RHS (reversible hand stop). That new stock looks like the new Magpul Slim Line stock except micro.

      • 404954-C says:

        Gentlemen, you are mistaken. It’s another product HSP has been developing for BCM 🙂 Look for more news soon.

      • Trajan says:

        I believe this stock was announced and shown first.

        The Magpul SL is just any old stock, this one is different in the way it attaches to the RE.

        • Jimmy says:

          Negative, the Magpul SL stock was both announced and released first.

        • ctopher says:

          The MOE SL also attaches in a new way. It has some kind of tension feature or as they state…

          “Internal anti-rattle feature minimizes wobble on receiver extension tube”.

          Someone on youtube did a review and showed how it did this.

  2. IN2DEFENSE says:

    imho, Not much innovation here. I try not to troll anywhere, but this looks so much like the A2 milspec buttstock it isn’t even funny. At least the MFT Battlelink tries to innovate by being minimalist and lightweight. VLTOR innovates with style and functional enlarged surface areas for cheek-weld. Magpul innovates on style and functionality.

    • 404954-C says:

      “Looks” can be deceiving. All we be revealed very soon 🙂

      • Kevin says:

        By lack of innovation it is only 1 of 4 stocks that pass the mil drop test, the latch can be banded (with a band that holds your sling S folded) without collapsing and it was done with simplicity to keep the cost down and that little catch does something well needed.

  3. Brad says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the FDE version. It has new innovation as far as the lock up to prevent slop and is lighter than most of the minimalist competition out there. Don’t care what others say I’m pumped!

  4. Two things about the new BCM stock; it’s very light and very strong

    Actually keep an eye on my YouTube channel as I’ll have a video up very soon highlight just how strong this stock really is….

    • ctopher says:

      I look forward to the video. It no doubt looks very light but it does not look all that strong.

      It does not have to be UBR strong, but something light and better than the average CTR would be nice.

  5. TT says:

    I’m curious how the swivel point will allow the user to mount a QD in more of a vertical fashion with the sling running roughly 90 deg. on the outside of the stock while slung. Looking forward to more info. It will be a tough choice between Magpul and BCM on this one.

  6. davan says:

    I broke two of these recently, except my video to pop up as well.

  7. DAN III says:

    It appears the new BCM stock is being advertised in their newest advertisements. The stock shown is in FDE and appears to be the new one referenced here.

  8. Travis Haley says:

    nice try… but no cigar…