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I Approve This Message

I ran across this on Facebook and thought, “yeah, how true.”



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11 Responses to “I Approve This Message”

  1. Dellis says:

    Myself and my family we do all we can to buy American. Even if the cost is higher we try our best to do so. We also do our best to buy locally before we buy on-line. The “mom and pop” shops of a few years ago are becoming scarce, like aging dinosaurs.

    I miss the days were the people who ran these shops knew all their customers by first name. Where one went in and talked face to face and didn’t even buy anything, just stopped in for a chat. I have a shrinking number of places like that left where I spend my money.

    Let’s face it people, America is dying. At least the America that ran on a capitalistic mindset for some 200 years. Obama has kept one promise – To fundamentally change America and to redistribute wealth. In 5 years, what will America look like? It will be torn down and torn apart. I pray I am so wrong though. The fear for me is the financial sector….the huge bubble about to burst and make the housing bubble look like a wimpy fart.

    If it wasn’t so damn expensive to do business in America we would have a better manufacturing industry. If the EPA didn’t suffocate entrepreneurs with fines and legal crap we would have a larger small business market. It’s a trickle effect. Our greedy government wants more money, they raise taxes, business looks elsewhere which means there are less businesses paying taxes/hiring Americans so the government raises taxes to make up for that loss which leads to more businesses leaving or closing, thus less workers being hired and more food stamps/entitlement crap being needed.

    If you believe this to be wrong, have you looked at your cell phone bill in-depth or any utility bill? What in the hell are all those “taxes”? I own and operate a small business and the crap I have to pay just to operate is ridiculous.

    Wow….I reckon I had some stuff to vent eh? In short, buy American, demand American. What got us to the top, that made America the place where everyone wanted to come and live can be placed into effect once again. It’s not dead, just buried in a political crap pile.

  2. Rogue Male says:

    Buying American is a tactic, not a strategy. If the desired outcome is more U.S. manufacturing, follow these easy steps:

    1) Never vote D at any level
    2) Only vote for low-tax legislators at all levels
    3) Only vote for legislators who actively support ending capital gains taxes
    4) Only vote for legislators who actively support right to work legislation
    5) Only vote for politicians who actively support fracking, oil drilling, pipelines

    Democrats, unions, parasitic local (Detroit, NYC) and state (CA) politicians…it’s a target-rich environment.

  3. FormerActionGuy says:

    This country is rapidly going down the head. Buy ammo, food and security products. It’s gonna hit the fan sooner than later.

  4. bloke_from_ohio says:

    Strict Berry amendment type “economic patriotism” is great when you are spending someone else’s money.

    Any acquisition decission must be driven by a sound understanding of reality. One must acknowledge that the most “bomb proof” items can wear out. One must realize even the most cutting edge systems become obsolete as things change. And one must recognize that as time goes by needs and requirements will change.

    With that in mind, I buy the best value I can get with my limited resources. If an American product is the best value then great. Otherwise I have more important things to worry about.

  5. Desert Lizard says:

    While the weight of all the government and red tape is the problem, the cause is all the greedy socialistic people in America that want the government weight and red tape. America has a culture problem. The leftist domination of the media and education curriculum over the last several decades has now entranced every living generation.

    When America collapses, the people won’t go anywhere; just like the communistic leaders of the USSR are once again in power after their previous government collapsed. When America collapses, my best guess is that we’ll become a confederacy of state/local governments once again or be made subservient to China.