Modern Warfare Week

Beyond Clothing – The Titan Conversion System

Beyond Clothing has released a video detailing their Titan Conversion System. The Titan Conversion System allows for end user to optimize their clothing system based on environment and equipment integration.


3 Responses to “Beyond Clothing – The Titan Conversion System”

  1. Ironman says:

    Not a bad concept, but I having that zipper pull where it is looks like a serious no-go for guys that wear any type of pack.

    • Justin says:

      Try it. The seams are off set for layering and the zippers are out of the way of pack straps. Its brilliant for when your on the move, want to shed your sleeves or vent your pits and dont want to stop to take your jacket off.

  2. bob says:

    I love seeing what Beyond is coming out with. They are clearly on the cutting edge with some of this Mission stuff.