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IWI Launches A Foldable, Detachable, Stainless Steel Sight For The TAVOR And X95 Families Of Assault Rifles

IWI Sights-1

Functioning as a standard sight, it will be supplied as part of the TAVOR and X95 package

Ramat Ha’Sharon, Israel, September 22nd, 2014 – Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) – a leader in the production of combat-proven small arms for governments, armies, and law enforcement agencies around the world – launches a foldable, detachable, stainless steel sight designed for the TAVOR and X95 families of assault rifles. Functioning as a standard sight connected via Picatinny rails, it will be supplied as part of TAVOR and X95 rifles package. Platforms include additional back-up sights built into the Picatinny rails.

IWI Sights on IWI X95

Meeting military standards – MIL-STD – the sight can be quickly and easily removed in order to install reflex sights, telescopes, night vision devices, etc. Enabling night shooting via built-in Tritium illumination, the new stainless steel sight can be ordered without Tritium lighting, in order to meet specific local regulations. Cost-efficient and reducing maintenance expenses, each sight can be individually replaced when needed. Calibration is easy and user-friendly, requiring no special tools – and is unaffected by sight detachment.



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