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MDM – OTTO – Dual Comms H-250


OTTO has solved an issue that has plagued radio operators since the concept of dual comms in a single radio came out. Their new Dual Comms H-250 handset has two buttons, one for each channel. How sweet is that?


9 Responses to “MDM – OTTO – Dual Comms H-250”

  1. TominVA says:


  2. SGT Rock says:

    Finally! My supplications and prayers have been answered.

  3. That Blue Falcon says:

    I’m surprised it took so long. What does the downlead split look like?

  4. Aaron says:

    This won’t work with the A/N PRC 155 as it has two mics. Works great for the Vic system though.

  5. Airborne_fister says:

    I rocked the TCI JTAC hand/head set. That was the money. Since I could hand over the mic to my lt when he wanted to listen in. And he could listen to both radios.

  6. Redbeard33 says:

    Comes with an MRE spoon?