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NRA Life Of Duty – Defending Our America Episode 12


Defending Our America sponsored by Sig Sauer
Episode 12: “Who Are The Bad Guys?”
As millions of combat troops return home and influence domestic police forces, the militarization trend has drawn criticism—but is it fair?


10 Responses to “NRA Life Of Duty – Defending Our America Episode 12”

  1. Notorious F.O.B says:

    Cops dont need MRAPs.

    • Bman says:

      Nor do 99% want them. Most want a simple armored vehicle that can carry a swat team into a danger area safely and be easily loaded with wounded while in said danger area. Just because the military spends millions and decides to give them away to police who have no chance in hell of affording a simple armored vehicle, people want to scream militaristic. Most of these same people would be saying the same thing when they saw the first swat teams, or learned officers would replace their mini 14s and shotguns with ar15s. There are still agencies today that refuse to carry a rifle over a shotgun, only buy mini 14s for the image over an AR, refuse to allow K9 officers to wear bdu pants because of image, and if they have rifles, are required to write a report and do a full email notification explaining why to their entire chain of command just for getting it out of the car! Unreal.

  2. iHeartbacon says:

    They seriously have to wonder why people criticize them when we’re transforming into a police state a little more every day?

    Respect our constitutional rights, not every Joe or Jane citizen is a criminal.

    • *DoTheJobThenCriticize says:

      Most do respect your rights. All of us want to live and go home to our families. It’s not a police state for the cops to want an armored vehicle to defend themselves from cop killers with .308 rifles.

      Not every cop is a fascist. Respect our right to life.

  3. cimg says:

    1* BS

  4. Felix says:

    Just dip MRAPS in MultiCam Black to let them look less military.

    *salutes for Internet expert badge ceremony*

  5. wlddogmp says:

    Give respect get respect. Thats what I was always told. If you come at me aggressively and treat me like you’re better than me im going to get defensive and aggressive right back. Those of us that aren’t LEO’s are just people also. Talk to us and treat us with respect and you’ll have a lot fewer combative people.

    • *DoTheJobThenCriticize says:

      And how does that respect work when a sovereign citizen starts assaulting the local courthouse with the intent of taking hostages?

      Cops are now what soldiers were in the 60s…and it’s disappointing to see how many servicemembers are becoming like the hippies who used to spit on them.

      • SSD says:

        Ummmm no. Read your history., Things like that have been happening for centuries. What’s changed is that now police think that is the norm. It’s the exception, just like bad cops.

        The biggest issue is that cops are being recorded by themselves and others. It’s no longer ok to have a bad day. If you’re a screw up, it’s going to show. Unfortunately, if you’re the greatest police officer that ever lived, no one will notice.