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The Ultimate PROOF: Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrel Durability

Definitely a rather interesting demonstration of PROOOf Reseacth’s carbon fiber wrapped barrel. Definitely worth the watch.


4 Responses to “The Ultimate PROOF: Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrel Durability”

  1. mike says:

    That was amazing. All of a sudden I am re-interested in a bolt gun!

  2. Joe says:

    I think Remington has a line of these a while back.

  3. Chris says:

    Yep, that’ll stand up to a just few knocks against car parts/walls/benches/rocks for sure.

  4. Bushman says:

    It’s well-known, that composite materials can resist some kinds of abuse better than steel (bending, for example). And this video demonstrates it clearly. But there are a couple of details about composites.
    First, when you have, for example, good bending resistance (caused by tensile strength), you can pay by abrasion resistance for it. So, the first question is, how good the resin used for carbon fiber wrapping is to secure those pretty fragile (in terms of cutting) carbon fibers?
    Another question with composites is how good the mechanical interface between it and metal is. Steel and carbon-reinforced plastics have pretty different thermal expansion coefficients, therefore, hot barrel can easily expand three time more than composite tube around it does. And, usually, carbon-reinforced plastics have less thermal conductivity than steel has, so it adds some insulation effect to the equation.

    I understand, that here we are talking about rifle barrel, not machine gun barrel, but it would be interesting to know, what kind of measures were taken to compensate those effects I’ve mentioned above.