Remember The Battle of Mogadishu

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the creation of the 75th Ranger Regiment but it’s also the date to remember 1993’s Battle of Mogadishu during which elements of TF Ranger, deployed to Mogadishu, Somalia conducted an operation on that city’s Olympic Hotel in order to capture key leaders of the Aidid Militia.

Unfortunately, during the exfil portion of the raid a battle ensued that claimed the lives of 18 Americans and wounded another 73. Additionally, CW3 Michael Durant was captured by the militia. Fortunately, Durant was later repatriated and went on to retire from the 160th.


For those of you unfamiliar, one of the best accounts of the battle is contained in the book, “Blackhawk Down” by author Mark Bowden. Much of the information was serialized prior to the book’s publication in the Philadelphia Enquirer. Later this was made into a movie bearing the same name.

If you want to here more from a man that was there in the thick of it, pick up a copy of Panteao Productions‘ “Battle of the Black Sea” featuring MSG Paul Howe (USA, Ret).

Please take a moment to remember these men and their sacrifice.

27 Responses to “Remember The Battle of Mogadishu”

  1. Doc_robalt says:

    Don’t forget that this is the 6th anniversary of the Battle of Kamdesh also.

  2. Eddie says:

    That day, a bond between SOF and SF that can never be broken was formed. Hooah!

  3. seans says:

    Don’t remember hearing bout any SF guys there.

    • Terry B. says:


      There were quite a few 5th Group guys in country (at various locations) and a B Team in the city during the fight.

      I don’t think that is mentioned in the book and certainly isn’t in the movie.

      Not sure what Eddie is talking about though.

      The fact is that relations were less than cordial between so called “black” and “white” SOF in that time frame.

      That is not the case today but it took some time – and hard work – in OIF and OEF to get past that nonsense.

      • seans says:

        Curious, did that B team participate in the rescue convoy?

        • Terry B. says:


          All they had were a few open topped unarmored 998 HMMWVs without heavy weapons. Purpose built GMVs were still a few years away.

          Never the less, the B Team mounted up anyway…but was waved off by JSOC leadership.

          In hindsight probably for the best. A few extra guys with small arms wasn’t going to turn the tide or change the outcome.

          Still…no Group guy on the ground was happy about it.

    • JayfromVA says:

      There were several 5th Group teams that participated in UNITAF, along with PSYOPS and Civil Affairs. They were spread out amongst the various sectors. Very little of the literature I could find (even official Army UNCLAS docs) mention them in any depth during UNITAF, and get even more vague once UNOSOM II started.

      AFSOC and NSW were present on the ground during the fight as well.

  4. Jon says:

    Not to diminish your tribute to these fine men and an important battle. I thank God such men exist in the world protecting us. But this was 21 years ago, why does it say 30th anniversary?

  5. Mick says:

    Blackhawk Down is my favorite war book and war movie.
    While researching that, Mark Bowden found out some of the guys from Delta were involved in seeking out Pablo Escobar, and wrote a book about that, “Killing Pablo”, which I also recommend.

    When I went to Iraq in 2004 with a National Guard infantry battalion, we were dressed / equipped exactly like the rangers in Blackhawk Down, and it was all new stuff that we had jsut been issued. So, I guess the time for gear to filter from SOF down to Nat’l Guard is 11 years. Anyway, just like the movie, it was a mix of three color desert bdus, woodland armor, and od green or woodland pouches, with a desert camelbak. Part of the reason I like the movie is it’s shows pretty much exactly what I looked like in Iraq. Thought not as young or tough, obviously…

  6. Sean says:

    GOD bless them.

    Quick question. 1993 to 2014 21 years? Or Iam I missing something? Legit question. Really wanting to know.

  7. Sean says:

    Thanks guys. When in doubt….Read. I’ll go remove my head from my fourth point of contact.

  8. Yep – reading is FUNdamental !!!

  9. Joker says:

    Lt. Gen. Boykin is the man.