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Sneak Peak – Grey Ghost Precision Prototype Rifle

GGP-rifle during SWC training 2

This Grey Ghost Precision prototype rifle has recently finished a grueling train-up cycle (including SWC), and will soon be heading off to Afghanistan where a specialized unit given a bit of leeway with their weapon selection will be putting it through the ropes, so to speak.

Remember, nothing made by Grey Ghost goes commercial until it’s proven itself on a combat deployment.

GGP-off-to-Afghanistan 1

GGP-rifle during SWC training 3

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51 Responses to “Sneak Peak – Grey Ghost Precision Prototype Rifle”

  1. Seamus says:

    The Upper and Lower appear to be Mega Arms Key-Mod hexagonal upper lower billet. Those are some nice bones to a mid-range gun.

  2. Matt M says:

    Builds precision rifle–> puts keymod rail on it *facepalm*

    • GW says:

      Precision is in the Company name, the Rifle is a DMR type gun. Weight savings was the thought process, M-LOK is in the works too. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. MCJGuy says:

    Call me jaded, but what makes this different from the rifles already available?

  4. SeanL says:

    Keymod. Because the shelves in my garage are definitely built for ‘hard use.’

  5. SN says:

    Rail setup in the bottom two photo’s looks like the standard system; why put a photo of a rifle with the key mod rails on it out if the actual system is KAC?

    • Padawan says:

      It has the same keymod rail in all the pictures. The whole upper looks very similar to the Mega Arms MATEN MKM.

      In the second and third picture, the GGP rifle is the bottom and right one, respectively. There just happens to be an unrelated carbine with KAC rails in these pictures as well.

  6. H.C. says:

    I don’t mean to be rude, but does this do something that an SR-25, LMT MWS, Or EBR can’t do? What’s the draw? Weight savings? Just seems like if you put a quality gun together with quality parts… It’s going to be a good product. You don’t have to send it to AFG to prove anything. Yeah, that place sucks and the dust gets everywhere, but I wouldn’t find anything remarkable about an AR-10 build put together properly that worked and sent 168 grain pills 800 yards or hit something…

    Seems like a cool rifle though

    • Sgt A says:

      That’s the magic – it’s a quality rifle put together with quality parts and will cost less than the LMT MWS or SR25APC hopefully, they just needed some cool press shots and a story prior to release as far as I can tell.

    • GW says:

      They Key to getting it to the MIL customer is to have its ruggedness confirmed in combat. this was on request of the Green suiter not from GGP.

      • Toby says:

        I can attest for what GW is saying. I have known him and this company a long time. We go back prior to 2000. If GW is pushing this it is because he intends to not only give you a good product but to also insure that is has been combat proven as well. That does matter. I can go to any range or area and test something but nothing truly counts the same as having your equipment tested in theater. Period. If GW says they are bringing you something special you can bet it will be a good piece of kit.
        As for cost / performance ratios, if it is being built by Mega Arms then you should be thankful because Mega makes one hell of an AR based weapon and they are a local owned company 30 minutes from TT/GG base of operations. This looks like a win win if the price is good. Good job GW.

    • straps says:

      +1 for cost/performance ratio.

      My read on the market is that there are sparsely available premium solutions (the price of a reliable used 4×4 when all is said and done), while much of what’s affordable/available is junque. The balanced approach has yet to be proven in the market.

      Time will tell whether this is a 70% or 90% solution. This is a better place than many to get a quality appraisal.

      As was said, this is being tested by guys who don’t have all the time in the world for badly-done (or slickly-done) web videos, but who HAVE been through B4 and/or SOTIC, and probably understand the role of the variables.

      I don’t get the hate for Keymod. The precision optic is on the milled rail, and the use case for a .308 platform in an AR pattern is flexibility–from close in where illum helps, to further out where a properly-anchored, properly zeroed laser will help.

  7. bulldog76 says:

    Builds precision rifle and doesnt put a fixed stock on it *facepalm*

    • svgc says:

      The consensus between me and my teammates is we prefer not to have fixed stocks on these types of weapons. I can get great performance out of a good collapsable stock and proper ring combo plus have more modularity between users and operations and with a greater weight savings. The fixed stock is great in the prone I won’t lie but it loses points in maneuverability, hasty and barricade shooting, and to be honest in my experience, that’s where a weapon like this is at home and shines.

  8. GW says:

    Precision Rifle,,,,,
    Grey Ghost Precision,,,,,yep, there is a bit of confusion.
    the Grey Ghost Precision, Rifle, is a DMR type of gun. it is NOT a SR 25 type of weapon. We have shot all of the others its category and the Specter Series rifles will perform right along side them.

    Here is the difference, availability, Mega Arms has partnered with us to get this rugged gun to the market. we are at 8 week turns for these rifles and will be able to meet the demand for the product. Cost, we are looking at a 2600 dollar retail cost for the .308, and 1900 dollars for the 5.56mm variant.

    So here it is in a nutshell, shoot bad guys or game out to 700 Meters, using a lightweight rugged platform that wont break the bank, and here is the biggie, YOU CAN GET.

    • Matt M says:

      Just a tip from a long gun .mil guy- keymod isn’t the best for mounting bipod’s, esp if guys are using said bipods to add forward load on a rifle off a barricade. Food for thought. Its also not the most durable of fail systems. Sure its light… but trust me when I say this- we can break anything we lay our eyes on.

      • Matt M says:

        Also, even if its a DMR gun, with a bit of effort most guns of this nature can be made to put a 1 MOA group or better without much trouble these days. Thats the general standard for the M110 so in a pinch its easy to use a DMR gun as a SWS with appropriate optics. I’m glad to see quality AR10’s getting more prolific, as a lot of the high end makers (Larue, GAP, LMT) have a backlog and bear a premium price.

        Personally, if I had to chose a rail for a “short” SWS or DMR style AR10, I’d pick the KAC gen III rail. Tough, reasonably light, and comfy to shoot offhand and rail only were you need it. That or a Gies rail when and if they ever release an AR10 rail system. With the right optics, even the 14.5-18 inch 7.62 gas guns can easily reach out and touch someone beyond 800m with the right shooter and glass.

      • GW says:

        Matt M your are talking to a guy that majored in wrecking gear. I get it. this rifle is pointed primarily at the Retail market. the MIL market is saturated with options that the MIL guy can get and use, this rifle is affordable and accessible by the Sportsman.

        Points noted and there will be a series of uppers arriving mid 2015 that will have the options that you are looking for.

        thanks for even making a coherent reply. that rare these days. shoot me an email to [email protected] to give me some more tips. I want more feedback in order to get a great product to the market.

        • Matt M says:

          Sweet, sounds good. I’ve been eyeballing the Rainer Arms Ar10 and this, both look like great platform, I’ve just been turned off by the rail’s selection in the AR10 market. Its either a purpose built platform like the LMT or OBR or aftermarket, which ranges from awful to awesome.

      • straps says:

        Doh, hadn’t considered the bipod. Sounds like an opportunity for someone to engineer a mount specific to the loads and stresses a bipod imposes.

  9. diggler says:

    The comments are pretty autistic.

  10. Angry Misha says:

    “Remember, nothing made by Grey Ghost goes commercial until it’s proven itself on a combat deployment.”

    Really now? And just who is going to let someone take an upper or rifle on a combat op to “see how it does”? That is unless BZO range time on a FOB in theater is considered a “combat deployment” Oh I am sure you’ll retort with “We’re not a liberty to discuss that” crap.

    “this was on request of the Green suiter not from GGP.”

    Really, who? And what does this offer that cannot be accomplished by an M110, MK 20, and 417 won’t? That is, unless said “Green suiter” is not issued the aforementioned systems which means they don’t have a requirement for it which means there will be no appreciable feedback from said “combat deployment” than could be gathered from CONUS range time.

    And as I previously stated, you’ll come back with that “need to know” nonsense.

    And I am fully aware that i am sounding like a dick, which of course I could care less, but by GW’s own admission this rig is: “pointed primarily at the Retail market” because the Mil side is “saturated with options” saying something is “combat tested” smacks of cheap marketing propaganda.

    Do you know how much junk is out there labeled “combat tested” which was in reality just slapped in the hands of Joe Snuffy fobbit? A metric ass ton. Heck, I can take a dump in a box in theater and slap “combat tested” label on it, but guess what it still is?

    Unless Grey Ghost publishes the details of said “combat deployment”, (rounds fired, environmental conditions etc.), sans operational sensitive details, they should just STFU with their “combat tested” claim because as far as anyone is concerned it was probably toted around by some POG for six months to a year so he could look like a cool guy.

    And once again, you’ll retort with the “that’s G-14 Classified”

    This is all hyperbole. I am sure it is a great rifle, but I doubt that anyone who had access to M110, MK 20, and 417 would chose to opt to carry this system in combat.

    • Armyfins says:

      Hate much Angry Misha??

    • straps says:

      On some levels I agree with you. But the contention that a unit doing the job downrange needs only what committees of silverbacks and retirees at Arlington or Benning (some of whom live to serve, some of whom couldn’t get a better gig) decide what they will need is pretty September Tenth.

      This has been the case on LOTS of fronts. Over the course of a decade and a half at war, a lot of good ideas have come from the field (and survived the sort of scalability scrutiny typically conducted in carpeted rooms).

      I’ve seen initiatives developed in the field rightly stopped at killed at the O-6 level, others which found their way to the desk of an O-9.

      Nobody gave two sh!ts when joes looking for a alternative to the M12 started rocking Safarilands, yet we engage in theatrical displays of projectile vomiting when someone has the audacity to suggest that an un-vetted application of a .308/7.62×51 could have application in a place like Afghanistan. Where 5.56 is known to be deficient. And we do this even as we criticize mother Army’s approach to things like replacing the M4 or M9. What’s REALLY ironic is that you’re asking why ANYONE who rates an M110 would want to explore another option. Knight’s is a great American company and there are shooters assigned M110s who are very happy with them. But that system has continued to struggle. and there are 110s that DS/GS SWEARS are mission capable that commanders won’t take downrange but won’t code out as chronically unreliable because there’s no assurance that their snipers will have a modern platform.

      The best weapon I ever used–one which spared some good people as it sent a couple dirtbags to their makers–was a downrange property book M16A4 that we weren’t technically authorized, topped by a Leupy Mk6 that we literally found in a desk drawer, fitted with a DD Omega Rail and a VLTOR A5 stock by the time it got sucked up after OND. About as non-doctrinally ghetto as you could get, full on good idea fairy dust–that our SDMs used to great effect to defend a Joint Security Station on a frequent basis and a KLE that went seriously sideways, to include multiple occasions where an O-6 was betting his career on the performance of an E-3 working targets 400 yards out who were shooting at us from among noncombatants.

      There are Active, Reserve and Guard units heading downrange led and manned by folks looking for a tax free paycheck, there are others with folks with an idea or two worth exploring–and plenty of downtime as we take a largely defensive posture (where distance is as much a friend now as violence of action used to be).

      You’re totally correct in being wary. But go through the thread below, and wrap your head around the fact that it’s mostly the musings of an E-4:

      Then come back and tell me that there’s NOBODY in the Army not rocking a Tower of Power or an academy ring who can make a lasting contribution.

      The one thing about this deal that I find suspicious is that Mega Arms has capacity in reserve. Or maybe the THREE dealers I have ongoing relationships with don’t rate the matched upper and lower I’ve been trying to find for YEARS…

    • seans says:

      A lot of SOF guys will take personal weapons and optics on deployment that are superior to their issue weapons. Free floated 14 or 16 inch uppers for the guys who don’t have access to the 416s, Larue Rifles so guys don’t have to use the MK20. It’s not like issued weapons are the greatest things ever. And some of them honestly suck such as the MK20. I not trying to validate Grey Ghost here, but the idea that personal weapons aren’t being used by SOF is asinine. And if you really want to see some wazoo shit, see what some of the SMUs have carried outside the wire. 30-30s with a red dot and a laser, sawed off double barrels on their back.

      • JB says:

        Sorry to burst your fantasy bubble, but “SMUs” aren’t bringing personal weapons downrange, no matter what you think you saw this one time.

        Putting a commercial rail onto an issued rifle or using a personally owned optic is far different than taking personal weapons in-country.

        • seans says:

          Hate to break it to you but they do. I have brought my own guns own deployment. Seen many others do it. It’s not hard. Who is honesty going to stop you if your paperwork is in order? Worked with multiple guys in the SMUs and not saying every man is running his own thing, but those guys get cut a extreme amount of slack to do what they want.

    • Toby says:

      Angry Misha, I am one of those “Green Suiters” and I can assure you I do not want to carry some bullshit MK20 or M110 that are not suited well for the environments they are operating in. I can tell you because I am an expert in my field-period. Now the M110 has come a long way but even the good ol MK17 and 20s have problems. I had to modify my Heavy and got rid of that POS SCAR H mag and used SR25/PMAGs. So if GW again says he is actually having it combat tested it is by my brothers and by me personally. We DO go to combat and we DO operate outside of FOBs. We are authentic and we do make a difference globally. I do not need to tell you who I work for or what unit I am in. Feel free to check on who I am and my resume. I don’t care but it is pretty tuff talk to go off on GW or their company. They have always been honest and strait shooters with my organization and me personally. I not only do my business through them but with them because I can trust them to do the right thing. Period. If they are building a gun to be done correctly, meaning it can handle SOF needs then yes it will be good enough for Joe Civilian. You should apologize, GW is one of the good guys in this industry.

  11. Angry Misha says:

    And not to beat a dead horse on Grey Ghost’s claim that: “… nothing made by Grey Ghost goes commercial until it’s proven itself on a combat deployment.”

    However, when you look at the pic of that “M4” there seems to be a critical pin missing. Specifically the one that enables the “Fun mode” and a Gemtec HALO suppressor? WTFO?

    Seriously, that can is a POS compared to what is in SOPMOD

    WAIT! It’s so clear! The “Combat Deployment” you speak of with “a specialized unit given a bit of leeway with their weapon selection” is with the Idaho Guard aviation unit!

    That’s why they don’t have access to the M110, MK-20 or 417.

    It also explains why that M4 isn’t in the current SOPMOD configuration (specifically the rail and aforementioned suppressor).

    So, just admit it. Joe Snuffy checked out a PRC, slapped his Gemtec on his civy M4 and snapped some cool pics. Or maybe due to the pic resolution that is actually an M4 and he mounted his personally owned Elcan and Gemtec on it.

    Your validity has just tanked.

    On the other hand, the pic’s will sure be of some interest to the TAG’s office.

    • JHPage says:

      Also, lacks the ambi-safety that is present on M4A1’s (at least the MARSOC units have them… I would assume another SOCOM unit would as well).

    • straps says:

      One thing that’s seriously cool about MANY State Guards is that they are a LOT more flexible about POWs on their facilities.

      Your technical observations are certainly cogent but the presence of a privately-owned weapon and government-owned CCI in the same photo isn’t the evidence of mortal sin it would be on an AC or USAR facility.

      Also, the TAG could well already have approved this little shenanigan. GOs can approve non-standard weapons and some of the Army TAGs are remarkably down-to-earth folks…

      • SSD says:

        If that is in fact, what is going on. Now that he’s made this assertion and stuck with it, he’s going to need to back it up with something. That is, if he expects GGP to prove that they are being truthful as well.

  12. GW says:

    It sucks that my personal integrity has been attacked. So it would seem that I am a liar and a snake oil salesman.
    My Name is Grover W Ayers III, my email is [email protected]. I am the VP at GGG and the Director of Sales at Tactical Tailor.
    Those that know me can vouch for my reputation and integrity that has never been questioned. All that I have is my integrity.
    All that we want is the best gear available to the
    What we have claimed here is true. The Soldiers that are boarding a plane in a few hours do not need to read the put downs. I know these guys. I know their families These guys have a lot of Deployments under their belt and are the epitome of selfless service and valor.
    I really hope that the Garrisonville traffic wasn’t bad today, drink a cold beer for these troops and all the rest that do a thankless job.

    • SSD says:

      GW is one of the most trustworthy guys in the industry. The companies he works for are very reliable. I know for a fact that their products make it down range several times before they are ever released commercially.

      The stories on the GGP rifle are my attempt to keep folks updated on the development of this rifle. Beat me up if you don’t like it.

      • GW has and will continue to be the man. He has helped me out countless times over the years which I think is going on about ten of them by now. If he says something is true I’m inclined to believe it. Not by a guy hiding behind his internet handle. Angry however does suit you.

  13. Angry Misha says:

    Yawn…. I’m sure it’ll see a lot of action on the daily ring flights, dropping off mail and the occasional foray to East River Range.

  14. John Smith says:

    Angry Misha….apt nom de guerre.

  15. Angry Misha says:

    Contrary to what you are all implying, I am not spreading “hate” per say. I’m merely calling out GW and his lot regarding his choice words which imply that this system will be employed by a specialized unit downrange.

    These statements were compounded by the staged photos of which to the unknowing would appear to add some validity but are in reality a step above Airsoft props.

    If GW would’ve prefaced this whole fiasco with: “we sent this piece downrange with a unit in a show of support and in the hopes that it will put some booger eaters in the ground”, I may have looked the other way.

    But he didn’t.

    So, now some soldier and their command are going to answer for why a privately owned weapon was taken into theater. Then, if the command was aware of it, they’ll be charged under a plethora of offenses beyond the UCMJ.

    And if the weapon wasn’t transferred in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws, GW will have some explaining to do also.

    But one thing is certain. At the end of the day a soldier’s career is going to be torpedoed because a salesman wanted to do some grandstanding.

    If you want the big boy toys, go to the big boy units or get a requirement for it.

    • SSD says:

      I’ve seen evidence that the GGP position is true. Several unverified assertions have been made that call GW’s integrity into question. GW is a stand up guy and he absolutely doesn’t deserve the BS he has been subjected to today on SSD. I’m literally ashamed of what has transpired here.

      Unless there is specific, verifiable evidence that GGP has lied, this issue is closed.

      • Matt M says:

        Actually, there is plenty of legal routes units can take to authorise personal upper receivers or weapons purchased with unit funds to fill a niche that a dedicated SASS can’t fill (such as a shorter, lighter AR10 platform). So the idea that platforms other then what is on the issued list can’t find their way in to a unit’s arms room. A conventional unit can get away with upper receivers, as they are “weapons parts” not a weapon. There are plenty of OBR’s and plenty of long rifles that have been tweaked beyond the original templet, personal upper receivers from the 10 inch to 18-20 inch range built for different purpose’s that guys have used. Even some conventional units have paid money to modify existing stock to make say SPR’s or SDM rifles with unit funds (a smart move actually). Your claim that POW’s or personally modified issued weapons not being legal under UCMJ is unfounded.

        • Angry Misha says:

          Actually, you are wrong. Gone are the days of procuring an upper with unit funds from an open source under the guise of a “Class 9” assembly are G-O-N-E. This is one of the reasons AWG lost their 416 uppers.

          Trust me, if PM-SW got wind of a unit putting a upper on a platform they had not fielded, they’d flip. What do you think they would do if they found out a unit under their purview decided to take a complete system that was not procured, tested and fielded by them?

          Remember, we are not talking about a National Asset here. This is a rank and file unit.

  16. OldSchool45B says:

    AM sounds like a guy that would raise a stink just cause he didn’t get to go to the big boys school. Do companies send equipment overseas with SOCOM units t be tested? Yeah, regularly. Is it always done the right way? No, but if it does not affect unit readiness or the mission why should it be an issue. As a former 45B for the unit in question that ask for the rifle so they could test a DMR with parts compatibility with the M110, and an SOT holder in the civilian world I am familiar with the way the military system works and all the ITARS hoops to jump through. I am also familiar with the procurement system and dealing with single source purchases.

    All of that means jack shit to the guy taking it down range (and the ones asking for it were not Fobbits for the record) and there needs to be a system for doing real world T&E’s for companies and products. I have seen this weapon first hand, in fact I put the first rounds through it outside of GG hands over the 4th of July weekend. It not only meets the quality standards for SOCOM, but it exceeds them. I have seen my fair share of DMR’s and sniper rifles in and out of the military, and the trophy’s and t-shirts from the TAG Matches at Camp Williams and others to show for it. This is a fine weapon that I would be happy to have in my vault or inventory.

    As far as the reputation of GW or the company, well he has come right out and said who he is, while AM still hides behind his keyboard. So typical of a bitter man hiding in the shadow to snipe at someone trying to do some good for someone else.

  17. JB says:

    All this could be easily put to bed by just saying which unit it is instead of alluding to “a specialized unit given a bit of leeway with their weapon selection” which instantly raises dudes BS meter…

  18. Matt M says:

    Well what do you define as a national asset?