Unit Leaders Purchased OCP Uniforms For 2/75 Rangers

We recently reported that Tactical Tailor and Tru-Spec worked together to provide new OCP ACUs for 2nd Bn, 75th Ranger Regiment’s uniform change on 3 October. After a little more investigation, we have found out that no government funds were used to procure the OCP uniforms worn by members of 2/75. Instead, they were purchased with private funds by leaders in the unit to ensure that their Rangers were standing tall and looking good for the Battalion’s 40th Anniversary.


It wasn’t that the Rangers didn’t have issue uniforms at their disposal. It was that they were field uniforms and 2/75 wanted to honor their and the Regiment’s anniversary in squared away ACUs.

If that isn’t awesome enough, we found out something else when we started looking into this. Turns out, Tactical Tailor sold the uniforms at cost and ate the shipping charges. How about that?

What a great story. You’ve got industry stepping up to the plate to support a unit and the leadership spending their own money to make sure that their men were properly equipped.


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  1. DAN III says:

    “It wasn’t that the Rangers didn’t have issue uniforms at their disposal. It was that they were field uniforms and 2/75 wanted to honor their and the Regiment’s anniversary in squared away ACUs.”

    Did they starch ’em ?

  2. Dan says:

    You know you are the tits and ass when your leaders cough up the bucks for some new duds.

    Hats off to them and TT for their efforts!

  3. Strike-Hold says:

    That’s an awesome level of “Hooooaaah!” from the Ranger leadership, Tactical Tailor and Tru-Spec.

    But its a pretty sad state of affairs, isn’t it, when units have to go such lengths to have decent uniforms for such a key ceremony? And a rather glaring indictment of Big Army “leadership” over this whole new camo soap opera…

    • Krogher says:

      Is it an indictment? The new uniform, which is different than, ummmm, OCP of yore, was only announced in July. I have NO idea how this industry works as I have only been visiting this site within the last six months or so. However, it would seem that the Regiment wanted something 9 months ahead of schedule. This seems to demonstrate the can-do attitude of the Regiment and is a positive rather than showing the sad-trombone state of the Big Army.

      Unless, of course, I don’t understand the nuances of a new uniform roll-out and by this time, there should be warehouses stacked with this stuff.

      • SSD says:

        We have covered this extensively for the past six months. The new version of the ACU in OCP will be available for purchase at Clothing Sales Stores by next Summer. The Army’s leadership made a decision to transition the Ranger Regiment on their 30th anniversary. They didn’t ask for it.

        • Strike-Hold says:

          I can see where the confusion may lie though –

          The Big Army makes the decision to authorize the Rangers to start wearing “OCP” in garrison as of Oct. 3, 2014. Of course this means that they will be wearing “OCP1” (aka, MultiCam) until such time as “OCP2” (aka, Scorpion W2) comes along – but the only “OCP1” in the supply chain are FRACUs that have been previously used for deployment only. Hence the need for Ranger leadership, Tactical Tailor and Tru-Spec to scramble to cover the shortfalls (and the costs) that the Brass Hats overlooked in their haste to have a nice “PR moment / photo opportunity”.

          By the way, I’m only using “OCP1” and “OCP2” to help keep things straight here – the Army, in their infinite wisdom, are of course just calling everything “OCP”.

          • SSD says:

            It’s just OCP man. Don’t confuse people.

            • Krogher says:

              Too late.

              For clarification, the Army told Regiment that they would don this new uniform all the while not having the necessary supplies?

              • SSD says:

                I’m pretty sure that the article covers this.

                • Krogher says:

                  Well, yeah. By inference. I am no apologist for Army acquisition nor for idiotic mandates, but wouldn’t this be expected? All OCP has been issued solely for deployments and the supplies would be low because manufacturing for everyday use is nascent at best. I just wanted to see if there was concrete evidence of malfeasance or something else.

                  Again, bully the Regiment and the industry for working on this so quickly. That’s pretty awesome.

    • straps says:

      They were doing what Rangers do. Act fast, act decisively, act just inside the lines, act in a way that reminds others of the difference between those who have earned the scroll and the tab and many other Soldiers.

      I think there’s some Army values stuff about Selfless Service and Personal Courage or somesuch.

      This is also a classic 2nd Battalion shenanigan. Regimental BUBs are interesting on their own, but I’m pretty sure a few of those slides were “Extra Spicy.”

    • majrod says:

      Uh, you do realize the leaders in the regiment are from “Big Army”. Look at their bios. They command and spend more time in Big Army before they even show up at Regiment.

      BTW, I was buying cold weather boots for my troops that couldn’t afford them back in 1986 and gloves on 1990. 101st and 3AD, both “Big Army” units. I also bought chow when the mess hall or supply screwed up. I was not the only one either.

      I know it’s cool to dump on “Big Army”. Someone will be along whining about officers next.

  4. Reverend says:

    The one thing that stands true, no matter the bullshit bureaucrats at the top… the folks in the field always make it happen.

    Kudos to all involved. Your measures are noted, and you’re a shinning example of Honor, Duty, and Loyalty.

  5. 10thMountainMan says:

    Very nice story. Kudos to the Ranger Regiment.

  6. Texas-Roll-Over says:

    Now that’s good leadership and conduct for all parties involved.

  7. Colin says:

    Very interesting, also in historical way. As leadership at one time did provided uniforms etc to its men by their own means.

    • Strike-Hold says:

      And Officers used to buy their commissions too… Yeah, by all means, let’s return to those good old days!

      • Colin says:

        Had a good laugh at that. Yes lets hope buying commissions does not make a come back. More like we are so broken local leadership needs to intervene on behalf of sanity, pride and morale.

      • majrod says:

        Oh heck, I didn’t have to read much to find the officer bashing and from the same guy…

  8. jesse says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. They had uniforms already. No such thing as “field uniforms”. Should have worn what they had, basically just an exercise in silliness. BZ Army.

    • Daniel says:

      I would disagree. I am basically an REMF type who left the wire 4 times to travel between FOB’s and after 6 months my FR OCP uniforms looked like hell after only 6 months in theater. Particularly the pants, I had patches deployed on 3 of my 4 sets…… I cannot imagine how bad it would be for the guys who left the wire every day and lived out there for quite some time….

    • Wake27 says:

      No such thing as field uniforms? I haven’t even deployed and I have field uniforms. Plus the whole point of the article is that government funds didn’t even pay for them so I don’t know why you feel the need to complain.

    • Stiggy says:

      No such thing as field uniforms? Seriously dude, any of us 11Bs can tell you that we have several sets of ACUs specifically for the field that won’t pass muster in garrison.

  9. Stoney says:

    Awesome! Sounds to me like good leadership and good businesses. This kind of story is a warm fuzzy.

  10. The veiled and not so veiled ad hominem statements that have been posted in response to these past two articles are unfortunate. This is nothing more than an article in an industry daily that about the state and performance of the defense industry in response to their clients need. At the end of every business day this industry exists to support the individual service member and their collective mission to protect US interests at home and abroad. What started out as a good news story and quickly turned into the internet equivalent of a gaggle of Spec 4 like belly aching and conspiracy stories.

    Somehow these past two articles have taken on an internet troll life of their own implying that the Army is incompetent from the top down. I find it disheartening that a few people are apparently choosing not to see the big picture, which is this. The Army told the Regiment to switch to OCP, the Regiment had OCP on hand. Individual Rangers wanted to look their absolute best to honor the legacy of the American Ranger. Individual Rangers spent their own money to honor Rangers past and present. The industry supported the effort to their own detriment, you don’t last long in business when you eat the cost.

    Think about this, if individual soldiers put this much effort into a “mandatory fun” day, imagine how much effort they put into fighting wars! Instead of squawking like a ladies sewing circle let’s be thankful that these men live up to the Ranger Creed in every small detail of their Army duty.

    “Gallantly will I show the world that I am a specially selected and well-trained soldier. My courtesy to superior officers, neatness of dress and care of equipment shall set the example for others to follow.” When CSM Neal R. Gentry wrote the Ranger Creed, he didn’t tell the boys how to live up to the Creed. The boys just stepped up and did it as they have been doing since the King Phillips War and will continue to do as long as the Regiment exists.

    Now stop creating drama, train and mentor if that’s your job or develop a bridge for an equipment capability gap if that’s your job. If you’re not happy about the stuff you didn’t get issued I’m sure you can find a selection course that will take a look at all you have to offer. For the majority of the folks that saw this story for what it is, you rock! Give me a shout if I can ever help you, it would be my privilege and honor to know you.

    Lastly, big thanks to SSD for keeping the dirty side down on the industry news.



  11. Towed says:

    “Tactical Tailor sold the uniforms at cost and ate the shipping charges. How about that?

    The shipping cost? They are 2 miles out the gate.

    Not to disparage TT, fantastic company products and people!

  12. BigM says:

    Rangers Lead The Way

  13. Dom Hyde says:

    Great stuff from GW and the crew. Don’t see why people feel the need to tip over their high-chairs with hate when there is a simpe good-news story with no agenda here.