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Unit Leaders Purchased OCP Uniforms For 2/75 Rangers

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

We recently reported that Tactical Tailor and Tru-Spec worked together to provide new OCP ACUs for 2nd Bn, 75th Ranger Regiment’s uniform change on 3 October. After a little more investigation, we have found out that no government funds were used to procure the OCP uniforms worn by members of 2/75. Instead, they were purchased with private funds by leaders in the unit to ensure that their Rangers were standing tall and looking good for the Battalion’s 40th Anniversary.


It wasn’t that the Rangers didn’t have issue uniforms at their disposal. It was that they were field uniforms and 2/75 wanted to honor their and the Regiment’s anniversary in squared away ACUs.

If that isn’t awesome enough, we found out something else when we started looking into this. Turns out, Tactical Tailor sold the uniforms at cost and ate the shipping charges. How about that?

What a great story. You’ve got industry stepping up to the plate to support a unit and the leadership spending their own money to make sure that their men were properly equipped.