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Aimpoint To Release New Carbine Optic


A leak on Facebook has revealed that Aimpoint is releasing a new Aimpoint Carbine Optic (ACO), designed for use with modern sporting rifles. The full release can be read below:



8 Responses to “Aimpoint To Release New Carbine Optic”

  1. Snake says:

    Are they discontinuing the PRO?

  2. Tirod says:

    Different product. “Entry level” implies red dots like Lucid are getting a lot of market and Aimpoint would like a piece of that pie. Note it comes with a mount, and that it uses the typical Aimpoint civilian battery, the “N”, which is what the first gen did. (And I find new batteries a challenge to this day.)

    Street price? From $393 to . . . $310? Still isn’t “entry level.” But a nice attempt from the view of Aimpoint.

    Nice streamlined mount, it’s the way more are going.

  3. Andrew says:

    How is this a leak? It says “press release.”

    • Weaver says:

      Look at the date …

      • Andrew says:

        That’s Monday morning, how do you think companies make press releases? They have to send them ahead of time so the outlets have time to process and publish. A leak is when information is released without consent or knowledge of the (parent) company or when kim kardashian’s sex tape is “stolen.” Calling this a leak can be viewed as inflammatory.

        • SSD says:

          It’s a leak because the company that got it didn’t honor the embargo. Calling that inflammatory is a bit melodramatic.

  4. DAN III says:

    It’s a freakin’ PRO without the lens covers. In appearance it is identical to the PRO. And if Aimpoint had listed the dimensions and weight, I would venture to guess the ACO is identical to the PRO.

    Marketing. There are people already creamin’ their jeans over this bit of Aimpoint marketing manipulation.

  5. Bussaca says:

    So.. this is an M68 without the nightvision settings? and a crappy battery.. and $300+ dollars.. SOLD..