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Hodge Defense AU Mod 2 Is Go!



20 Responses to “Hodge Defense AU Mod 2 Is Go!”

  1. Erik says:

    Ya know, I thought I was good on AR’s, but man I might have to pick up one of these Hodges. If not for any other reason that I think they have some of most awesome adverts in the industry( in my opinion at least).

  2. Brendan says:

    I can tell you that his rifles are superb and yes his ads are legit as well. Mr. Hodge is a true professional, he takes the time to build his rifles. I would recommend buying one of his rifles!!!

  3. Justin M. says:

    I’m looking for information on the new variant but the website is short on details (coming soon) and social media offers nothing (as to be expected).

    SSD what can you tell us about the new rail system (mlok or keymod?) and what about the aluminum project with alcoa?

    • Jon C. says:

      Mod 2 is out of a new alloy that hasn’t been used in production firearms as fat as I know. Lighter, stronger, more durable, etc.

      I have probably handled the Mod 2 more than anyone except Jim Hodge and I am finally able to be excited about an AR again, which is the first time since the SR-15 E3 was released.

      • Mark G says:

        Why does a receiver need to be lighter, stronger and more durable? Were the “legacy” receivers failing?

        • SSD says:

          Considering the Hodge lowers are mil-spec why did you ask that question?

          • Mark G says:

            Unless they are made from 7075-T6, they aren’t mil-spec… Just sayin’!

          • Jon C. says:

            You’re right. Why would we want anything to be lighter, stronger or more durable? Let’s just do the same thing forever…think of all the free time we’d have without anything to cast judgement on before we’ve seen it on the internet!

            I’m honestly not trying to be a dick, I am just not sure how to answer a question of “why would I want a stronger, lighter, more durable gun.”

            • SSD says:

              Oh no, I want to revisit the “what’s wrong with their receivers?” comment before we move on to what improvements mean.

    • SSD says:

      All will be revealed soon.

  4. Justin M. says:

    Thanks Canipe, that says alot.

    Looking forward to it Graves!

  5. Carlo says:

    What rail will be on it? More specifically the picatinny, keymod, or m-lok?