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Massif Offers PCU Level 7

Designed for use down to -60 Deg F, the Level 7 garments from Massif are components of the latest update of the USSOCOM issued Protective Combat Uniform, Block 2. Yes, this is the actual garment issued to SOF. Although Massif is well known for their FR garments, the Level 7 Jacket and Pants are non-FR.

Massif did a great job redesigning the garments which retain the same overall functionality of their earlier incarnations with a few new enhancements. They’ve significantly reduced the weight from earlier incarnations of PCU Level 7 knocking about 25 ounces off of the total weight of the Jacket, Vest and Pants (size Medium) in this version.

The big story here is the fabric selection for this ensemble. The face fabric is 2.1oz Nextec Peak 40D Ripstop which is not only lightweight and tear resistant but the fabric is encapsulated in Silicone so it sheds and won’t absorb water. The liner too is a lightweight 40D ripstop fabric but is 1.5oz Brookwood Ecology which you may remember from the Level 4 windshirt. It has a very soft hand and is comfortable against wind and sun chapped skin. For insulation, Massif chose 3.6oz Climashield Apex for its CLO factor and compressibility. Zippers are color matched and incorporate zipper garages.

Level 7 Jacket

Massif PCU Level 7 (1)

The Jacket has an ergonomically shaped, helmet-compatible smart hood for improved peripheral vision. It has a rear adjustment cord with barrel lock to keep it where you want it.
Massif Lvl 7 hood
Additionally, there are two internal mesh pockets for water bottles or other items you need to keep warm as well as a zippered chest pocket accessible from the outside of the jacket.


Finally, there are two large, hand warmer pockets accessible via zippers on each side of the jacket.

Level 7 Pant

Massif PCU Level 7 (2)

The Pants have full side zips for ventilation, and easy donning and doffing. Additionally, there is reinforced fabric along the knee for increased durability. They’ve also retained the elasticized waist to accommodate varying thicknesses of underlayers.

Overall, this new design has reduced garment weight, and improved functionality and comfort. Feedback from the field has been very positive.This a great opportunity for individuals as well as organizations that are not part of the SPEAR program to incorporate Level 7 into their gear. It’s important to note that Massif offers GSA and contract pricing for approved customers. Additionally, they have been very good in the past at working with individual military and LE. Available in MultiCam, sizes Small – XXLarge in Regular and Long lengths.

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8 Responses to “Massif Offers PCU Level 7”

  1. Luke says:

    LOVE the new design, pocket placement looks fantastic. Just wish they’d stuck with primaloft.

  2. D says:

    Will there also be a 7B “linebacker” parka?

  3. matty says:

    Are the pockets bigger than the tiny jokes that Halys puts in theirs?

  4. Common Sense says:

    Looks like a great jacket, but it would be a nice option to be able to stow the hood, or remove it.

    I take the hoods off of almost all of my clothing as I find they get in the way, and can be replaced with scarves, face masks, warm hats etc- which are easier to layer.

    All in all though, a good looking setup.

  5. joe says:

    Jim Tromble is the actually that redesigned all of the LVL 7 items listed here. He now works for Serria Design and is doing great things over there.

    As far as the hood not being removable, that was the design. Remember this is designed so the operator can work at -50deg. Making the hood removable added bulk and weight. I have used this jacket many times and it is my go to cold wx jacket.

    • D says:

      With that kind of connection, I have to ask: will we ever see the Sierra Designs military elephant’s foot sleeping bag?

      • SSD says:

        No, at least not from them. Marmot did one too but you won’t see it. Brooks Range makes one and I’ve mentioned it a couple of times.