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Beyond Clothing – Limited Edition AXIOS Rig Softshell Pant In MultiCam/Coyote


Beyond Clothing has released a limited edition variant of their A5 – AXIOS Rig Softshell Pant in MultiCam with Coyote pockets.

The Rig Pant is a durable winter weight softshell pant intended for active cold weather use. Constructed from Beyond’s proprietary X-HAL High Efficiency Softshell fabric, the Rig Pant sheds rain and snow, and the lightweight fleece backing provides warmth and comfort during high output activities.

Additional features include:

– 2-way stretch reinforced crotch gusset
– Left and right hand pockets
– Right and left zippered thigh pockets
– Left and right back pockets with quick access covers
– Bar button closure system for dependable all weather use

Only 200 pairs in this exclusive colorway have been made available, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.


15 Responses to “Beyond Clothing – Limited Edition AXIOS Rig Softshell Pant In MultiCam/Coyote”

  1. Brian says:

    Who has 400 dollars to spend on a pair of pants?

    • Invictus says:

      As a set of shell pants, that’s not super outlandish. It’s in hardshell territory, pricewise, but add in the Multicam pattern, it’s fairly reasonable.

  2. bob says:

    I have a man-crush on everything Beyond is doing right now.

  3. Riceball says:

    What exactly is the purpose of those coyote brown patches on the pants? Wouldn’t those solid patches of color sort of break up the effects of the Multicam on the rest of the pants? I can see the purpose on the waist/hand pockets since it looks like a softer material than the rest of the pants but why the other pockets?

    • Justin M. says:

      My guess is a limited edition option variant. Some people might wear these spring skiing, climbing, etc. ie in non-hostile environments. The X-HAL softshell they are using is a very flexible, breathable fabric. If I remember correctly, its fleece lined so comfortable as well.

  4. ODG says:

    Beyond is doing some killer kit in soft shell right now… We have had the opportunity to get hands on select items and do a little beta testing for them on some of their pieces for next year all of which exceeded our expectations. They are putting out high end gear that is USA manufactured. We are definitely excited to be working with them.. Keep your eyes peeled they have some very exciting things planned going into FY 2015!!

  5. Hey Folks. First, I’d like to say thank you to the SSD readers that engage in conversations like the one on this string. I wanted to take a minute and address something that is hard to understand without all the information. I’ve seen numerous comments about the costing of this pant and a few other items out of the different collections at Beyond. I understand, the thought of a $400+ jacket or pant seems outrageous until you look under the hood. We talk about the cost of American made products, but we don’t usually talk about the specific cost of the fabric and trims. Let us use this Rig pant as the example. Our pant contains about 2 yards of our proprietary X-hal, Multicam, softshell fabric. This fabric costs us $49.50 a yard to start. One yard of this fabric is three times (on average) the cost of most finished products brought in from Asia. In the end, Beyond has $120 of fabric and trims in this pant. This cost is added to the CM (Cut and Make) costs to build it, and then margin is added to keep the lights on. This pant spares no expense because we want it to provide you the highest level of performance over a long period of time.

    The Beyond project is a case study on making America competitive at all levels. We don’t want to “wave” the flag, we want to “optimize” it. We will continue to improve the production base here in the U.S. while bringing technology back from Asia—efficiencies found in doing this should help lower the cost and make U.S. technical apparel more competitive with the world. Beyond is an open model, one that we want to share with you as both SSD readers and customers. Ultimately, we want products like this one to perform within a trained system when others won’t. This is what makes us a survivability shop, not just a clothing company.

    Thanks much and be safe,
    Richard (Rick) Elder

    • Dev says:

      can I enquire as to why Beyond does not ship internationally?

    • Luke says:

      $50/yd wholesale is pretty insane, $400 makes a lot more sense now.

      Big high-five for just coming out and saying a number, wish all American companies where that straight-forward and transparent.

  6. Dellis says:

    Mr. Elder, being a small business owner I fully understand the costs of doing business and how quality is never cheap. In my line of work I am what’s considered “high end” and my prices are not cheap because labor, keeping lights on and doors open, insurance, tools, products, rent and much more dictates that I must charge a high price or it’s “lights out”. The average person who lives life through the mantra of “Is that your best price?” doesn’t grasp that, or so it seems. So more power to ya.

    Now you can bet that if I had a spare $400 laying around in my ashtray I would snatch up a pair of these bad boys pronto! Well Santa is coming soon…….maybe!

    • Hey Dev,
      Great question. Beyond is a young brand that is just establishing its infrastructure. International eCommerce requires some major expense and know-how. We made the conscious decision to build the company’s capability year one and two, then push internationally year three (2015). We are stoked to start supporting the international community next year. The planning for this next stage is in process right now. More to follow and thanks for the question.
      Vr, Rick

      • Thanks Dellis. Your comments are truly appreciated. We, and other American companies, can win on performance, quality, and agility. It will be a few years before cost equals out. The more we teach our processes and cost constraints, the more interesting the story becomes and the customer is then armed with better information. Keep up the good fight, we need as many companies as possible holding this line to make it work.
        Vr, Rick

  7. DevDoc says:

    interesting to see the pres. of a company actually give a comment, bravo. glad your not to out of reach. On this subject , US MADE..

    Today we spent a great deal of time talking on American made products, we’ll talk more on it tomorrow as well, hot topic here (team is looking for Berry Compliant gear). Beyond and a few other companies came up. Never really understood Berry, but a homie laid it out for me on how US made vs China made effect us all. I won’t get deep as this topic can get.. But American’s need to realize what buying Chinese means. How that supports China’s gov. Some companies say they need the volume manufacturing so they go there, thats because its been yanked from the US and is fighting to make a come back. Dollars spent there make companies margin$$ but adds nothing to our economy, just cut a check to Xi Jinping (google) vs if you buy and build in US every thing you buy adds dollars to …. jobs, truck drivers, sewers, shipping , etc… Just be aware of where your dollar goes and who they effect.. Even Walmart is learning… ..

    I know we live in a global market/platform(Obama and shit)… but just building bikes or T-shirts here in the US is a win for our nation and dollars back into our market. my 3cents… rambled..

    Check your tags…

  8. The Beef says:

    I ordered these pants and received them last week. I had a hard time dropping the coin on them, but the price tag is immediately justifiable as soon as you put these on. I can’t say enough about the quality material and stitch work Beyond put into these. I was lucky enough to have cold rainy weather the day after I received them, and they are a phenomenal softshell pant that is super comfortable. I’ve already told my wife I’m expecting a coyote pair for Christmas. Way to go Beyond. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about them.