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1776 Company Leather Goods On Kickstarter

1776 Company

1776 Company is a company which manufacturers handcrafted leather goods made in the USA. Their initial product offerings consist of the 1776 Company Flask and the 1776 Company Mason Jar.


The 1776 Company Flask is made with stainless steel, leak-free and twice as thick as the industry standard. It’s wrapped in American leather that is tightly hand-stitched at the spine, and uses no glue to keep the leather in place. Each flask comes in a custom box with funnel and solid repurposed Redwood tags.

Mason Jar

The 1776 Company Mason Jar is 16oz and featues a leak free cover. Like the flask, it’s wrapped in American leather that is tightly hand-stitched at the spine, and uses no glue to keep the leather in place. The leather cover can come off when the jar needs to be cleaned, but won’t during normal use.


Their leather comes from the Horween Leather Company, based in Chicago, Illinois, the company that exclusively provides leather for the National Football League footballs and provides leather for the National Basketball Association basketballs.

Additionally, 1776 is donating 10% of their total Kickstarter sales to buy toys for the Toys for Tots program. They are also sharing work space with Bullets2Bandages, a company formed by two former Navy EOD Divers.

You can check out their campaign here:


10 Responses to “1776 Company Leather Goods On Kickstarter”

  1. jbgleason says:

    These products don’t fit my Mission Profile for when I am OCONUS in the GWOT Operating as an Operator in a Tactical Fashion and they cost too much as well…

    Oh wait. Never mind.

    Super cool by the way, these type of off-kilter cool quality products are why I muck up my work day by checking SSD every couple of hours.

    • Isaiah Janes says:

      Thank you JBGleason, with the items being handcrafted in America and no short cuts they may cost a bit more than a regular flask but we guarantee them for life and try do some good with the proceeds along the way.

      Appreciate your positive feedback overall!


  2. bulldog76 says:

    These are awesome another made in USA product I can get a hold of

  3. Invictus says:

    Flask and mason jar as IPO? That’s my kind of company!

  4. Bill says:

    And I would want a leather covered Mason jar for what reason?

  5. Isaiah Janes says:

    Thank you Soldier System for covering us. Really, some of your readers have reached out and been very supportive we can not thank you enough.