“It Doesn’t Fit My Mission Profile So This Product Shouldn’t Exist”

“It Doesn’t Fit My Mission Profile So This Product Shouldn’t Exist” aka “I don’t understand/have enough money for/want/need this product, so it sucks.”

Lately, this has been a regular response to new product posts on SSD. New products are kind of the point of SSD.


Guys, knock it off. Absolutely nobody cares if you don’t want it/need it/can’t afford it except for the other knuckleheads who are in the same boat. If this is you, we suggest you visit

But, on the other hand, if you want to know about features? Awesome question, ask away!


49 Responses to ““It Doesn’t Fit My Mission Profile So This Product Shouldn’t Exist””

  1. Eddie says:

    If you thought hippies originated in the 60s, you obviously haven’t seen Kelly’s Heroes. xD

  2. Erik says:

    Hah I have to say I absolutely agree; you have to look past your own needs and see what role said product would fill.

    Also, I am extremely disappointed that the website link does not work/is real……

  3. jbgleason says:

    1. That URL isn’t active but I will be on GoDaddy shortly trying to purchase it. Good one.

    2. I like when people point out issues with a product/make reasoned suggestions for changes but you are 100% spot on about those who bring nothing to the table. I have been involved in medical product development projects and there is no fun like having some asshat walk up and poo-poo on it before he even asks what it does/what application it is designed for. Especially when the guy isn’t even a medic and has no background/isn’t the intended user audience.

    • Haji says:

      That’s my favorite, too. The answer is usually fun, too. “Really? This is exactly what the end user asked us to do, to help them do what they do”. That or “Really? Where’s the one you make?” 😀

  4. Jeff says:

    So disappointed that’s not a real site, haha.

  5. cimg says:

    SSD keep up the great work. For every useless comment, or troll post, there are numerous productive comments, and even more viewers that don’t post but appreciate this site.

  6. maresdesign says:

    “Woof, Woof!”

  7. Mark says:

    Great job. That is a big frustration with some comments posted.

    “When I was in Iraq/Afghan/Etc., we didn’t use/need/identify a need/understand a need…, therefore the product sucks”.

    Goes hand in hand with, “this is the way it has always been done”.

    Got to keep an open mind, and examine and accept new ideas, or we go stale.

    We never stay the same, we are getting better or getting worse.

  8. No, the other mike says:

    For every instance of negativity there is a s4/g4/j4/ or commander walking into a contracting office with a printout saying “I need this for this”.

  9. patrulje says:

    Love that scene, I used to play it while teaching IO. That being said, seeing new kit or toys is always enjoyable. I can either covet it or look down my nose at those that do. keep up the good work.

  10. Larry says:

    Honestly why do you have a comments section? What benefit does anyone get out of it. Comment sections invite douche bag comments.

    Only if everyone lived by the “if you don’t have anything good to say STFU” rule whenever possible.

    I would say 60-70% of the stuff on this site I would never use or buy because I am a middle aged guy with an IT job these days. I am former military and love to see all the new stuff, plus I love shooting and hunting. Whenever something comes across you site I would never use or that I think most non LE/Military/Contractors you would never use, I just skip it. No one needs to hear my BS, and I don’t need to tell anyone how to spend their money and time.

    Keep of the great site, its very good stuff!

  11. .308 says:

    turn off the comments then……….

  12. MtMedic says:

    –hmmm. MARSOC program office ^^ all day ever day.. ” NO…”

  13. darkhorse says:

    One of the things that really bothers me with the comment section is that most people outside of the tactical industry and combat development within the govt, don’t understand that almost everything you see on SSD was developed for (and with) a specific end user. An end user that REQUESTED said product be developed.

    On the industry side, it becomes tough (and costly) for a company to spin up for a small production run for just one end user. How will the item be received? How many can will they produce? Should the company invest in the new machinery required to build the item? Etc etc. So the visibility that SSD generates helps garner support for such an item. It’s like going to Shot Show every day and receiving direct feedback on the concept/idea/item.

    On the govt side, SSD affords visibility on a wide variety of products and is intended to be a “one stop shop” for guys who care about gear and those who have an ACTUAL NEED/MONEY for gear/weapons/etc. Not everyone can go to trade shows and see new and unique products so in that regard, SSD is a life saver.

    I’ve seen internet chumps and even active duty people get on here and bad mouth something that was developed for the tip of the spear. Items that the tip of the spear can’t do without because they deem them as mission critical. For some unknown reason, people want to lend their two cents about something they know nothing about and run down some company because they can. If you’re that guy, I wish there was a way to call you out and identify you. You’re actually damaging a company’s reputation and ruining this great site which is intended to help the guys that have the need for tactical gear. SSD had enough business savvy to build this website into a business that puts food on his table and feeds his family.

    SSD is a great site for people who require gear and also great for active duty/LE/etc to come and see all of the cutting edge stuff out there.

    Lastly, know who you are within the food chain. If you’re assigned to the 3rd Ding Dong Brigade or 4th Level Spell Master and have ZERO budget and can’t rub two nickels together to buy gear out of your own pocket, know that you are at the bottom of the food chain. That doesn’t make you a bad person, but when you’re at the bottom of the food chain and have no ability to even use the gear you bad mouth, that’s when there’s a problem. If you’re a civilian getting ready to go to basic training and wanna “rock” this or that because you think it’s dope, shut the fuck up keep your unfounded opinions to yourself. You’re fucking this up for people way better than you’ll ever be.

  14. Jon C. says:

    This needs to be stickyfied.

  15. bulldog76 says:

    Ya this happens all the time on gun forums likevi bought a safariland holster for my 1911 and I posted pictures on the forum Im on and then this wave of folks come on thread saying I paid to much and I should have bought this brand and that brand cause theyre cheaper and better and how safariland is shit and im thinking its my money so why the fuck do you care …..

  16. GW says:

    Kelly’s Heroes is one list of three movies that I simply can watch all day everyday. The Big Joe character was the basis of my own SNCO character mold.
    We are in an industry that has the BEST customer that we could wish for, the BEST Products that can be designed and produced, and have the BEST and most DEDICATED group of people that we could ever hope for to work in and around.
    There are a few Douche’s that slip through the cracks. They are usually culled quickly. If they are not excommunicated completely they are marginalized in insignificant jobs or programs that may exacerbate the negative behavior.
    Negative waves, personal attacks and the ax grinder that are Brotraying themselves; this behavior is not helpful. The best part is that most of the Good Guys that comment on SSD, ride to the rescue when a troll outbreak occurs.
    GOD Bless America

  17. Joker says:

    Whatever gets the job done. More tools for the tool box.

  18. Some people never have anything beneficial to add to a conversation. They just want to cry about something, and have their candy-assed opinions validated. Rub the belly. Cookie and a story, then time for nappy. That’s all that kind of shit is. The first time Eric posted something about me and my products on SSD, he said “I hope that you aren’t sensitive, because…” I was like “Bring it.” Eric: Fuck the douchenozzles, and keep up the great work, buddy.

  19. 10thMountainMan says:

    Please don’t scare away the trolls. I take such joy in breaking their psyche.

  20. Strike-Hold says:

    “Have a little faith baby, have a little faith!”

  21. Gabe says:

    Think about this way…
    The more mainstream our scary black guns and tacticool gadgets become, the more difficult it will be to try and take them from us. So if Jesse James wants to build overpriced tacticoolness that will attract a larger market then encourage it! Let’s get more and more gadgets, black toys, camo undies, and other senseless goodies into the hands of people that will buy more firearms, customize them, and want to defend their rights to own them.
    Think bigger picture folks…who cares if your neighbor paid too much for a holster that he/she just needs to cerakote to be cool. That person got into firearms because they could personalize it and we want more of that! Our rights depend on the market growing so let it grow!

  22. Jack says:

    I don’t read the comments that often but is this really that much of a problem?
    If I see a comment along the lines of “My friend who’s a navy delta recon seal says it sucks” I just skip it.

    As long as these types of comments smother the rest of them what’s the problem?

  23. John Lewis says:

    I don’t need any of it. Nor do I have the money for many of said items I don’t really need. That being said I WANT IT ALL! Every one and awhile there is something I can use and afford. I wouldn’t really know about them if it wasn’t for this site. So on that note, good looking out bro. I appreciate it.

  24. Henrik says:

    SSD is a great service to the industry. I love all the gear and also get frustrated about negative remarks about gear.

    In the army world there are always envious uptight collectivist assholes (in one word: socialists) who want to control what the other soldiers use which is pretty much only the crap gear which is issued.
    It’s like that here in the socalist vortex aka Sweden. Some can’t even admit that our carbine is too heavy.
    Our involvment in A-stan thank God changed this somewhat, where Swedish soldiers found out that they really had to buy a lot of own gear to feel confident about getting the job done or even survive.

  25. Patrick says:

    I try not to pay it much heed, but a lot of the time I see it is in the comments for brands like Arc’Teryx. “They cost too much” or “I wouldn’t pay *** for that”. Having to sift through those comments to find proper critique or feedback on an item is tedious. But if we get rid of comments entirely then we get neither the shitty comments nor the positive ones.

  26. Uncle Dan says:

    I thought it was “them negative vibes, Moriarity!”

  27. Luke says:

    I get pretty tired of the “if you can’t say anything nice” argument. If you have used it and it sucked, I want to hear about it. If you have had a bad experience with customer service, I want to hear about it. This glorious capitalism thing only works with a free and frequent exchange of information. Obviously armchair conjecturing and petty one-upmanship doesn’t count as information.

    End users are not the be all and end all of product design. The customer is not always right, but the customer is always first. I have full faith in them being able to sift what works from what doesn’t but I don’t expect them to study up on materials science in their free time. Would you expect someone to be able to design a better lithium battery because they used a lot of batteries in their career? Valuable input sure, but that doesn’t replace a career of study and practice in a specific field.

  28. Exploriment says:

    As much as I like forums, for the ability to learn and share information, the legion of drips who feel compelled to pipe up with “Oooohh that’s out of my price range” comments. No one cares. I don’t and neither does any one else. Can’t afford it? So what? If this is the only thing you have to add to a conversation, shut up. Or, “Whoah! $120 for a pair of pants! That’s outrageous!” Feeling it’s necessary to make a big deal in public about how cheap they are, is just tacky.

  29. Bussaca says:

    So not only am I posting a reply a week after the fact, to a topic that in all likely hood won’t be read by anyone.. here’s my 2 cents. I’m gonna be that guy.. who will play devil’s advocate.

    1st off, I’ve said this in the past. This is SSD’s ball they can go home anytime they want. They can chose who plays with it, etc.

    2nd SSD 99.9% is the fairest shake you’ll find on the tubes, and that has to be treated with the same respect, this isn’t some shake and bake forum somewhere in the dregs of the internet.. (the fact GUY CRAMER gets a podium to stand on here from time to time is a testament to that)

    3rd this is still the internet.. just like assholes, everyone got an opinion. That being said the griping isn’t useful, appreciated or generally warranted. just because you don’t get to play with something, or can afford it.. dosen’t mean you should voice your JEALOUSY.

    4th, If you have played with those toys, and CAN afford those items, those are the opinions/reviews that should be heard. And questions to those who have so that the group can be educated to make better decisions.

    So here is where I’ll take the opposing view..

    You have a DIVERSE group of individuals here on SSD from the tip of the spear, to the base of it, to the guys that support the spear, guys that once used to hold it, and those who forge those spears..

    I’m going to guess though that like the actual demographics of the military, that tip of the spear is like 1-3% of the population here..

    The best generalization I can make is IF SSD was a Automotive Industry Blog, it would generally report on what Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Zonda were up to.. from time to time we would get some thing from BMW and MB.. and that’d be it.. unless say Dodge was going belly up..

    Now, Everyone loves to look at, and drool over Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Zonda.. and everyone loves to speculate about something they will NEVER see, much less touch, and even rarely sit in.. or drive..

    The fact is most of us drive a Ford, Chevy, Fiat, Landa.. and most likely a KIA/Deawoo.. Not very exciting.. but something that ACTUALLY matters in our daily lives.

    No-one is saying the exotics, don’t drive design, style and dive into engineering the mundane fear to tread.. and that they don’t serve a purpose to that 1-3%..

    There has to be a balance.. that i think from time to time is ignored.. from either end of the spectrum.