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Thirty Seconds Out LLC Launches Apparel And Gear Store

Thirty Seconds Out, LLC, the company that made that nifty Kunar Valley t-shirt, has drafted a press release to introduce themselves and their experience, and state their intentions for their brand. It can be read below:


Ketchum, ID – Thirty Seconds Out LLC has got some goods you’re probably gonna want. Every effort is made to provide products that are Made in the USA.

Founder, Evan Rommel said, “We’re creating a brand that reflects our sick sense of humor as well as personal experience in combat. The biggest challenge right now is keeping up with demand. The response from this community has been incredible.”

The designs are created by Evan and artist Joshua Johnson leaving no doubt that you’re gonna have a steady flow of originality. It’s gonna be awesome watching this brand grow, not just because their stuff is quality, but also because it’s great to see Vets like Evan succeed back here, at home.



2 Responses to “Thirty Seconds Out LLC Launches Apparel And Gear Store”

  1. Justin M. says:

    Had to grab the Kunar tee and the hat was just too good to pass up. Nice job Evan. Cant wait to see whats next!

  2. straps says:

    +1, talented and efficient crew. Love the subtlety, looking forward to more…