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Blast From The Past – Who Had One of These?

We’ve run this before but it was too cool to not share again. I never had one of these Entertech water guns is because I was already in the Army by the time they came out. But, if they had them now, I’d get the RPG.


20 Responses to “Blast From The Past – Who Had One of These?”

  1. adil says:

    Had eldest brother bought it, tot it was tooo cool to pass off!!

  2. DSM says:

    Oh dear, those poor children must still be in counseling to this day to overcome repressed feelings about water what with all the violence they had to endure…

    Man, we only had the clear plastic squirt guns from the dollar store when I was a kid.

  3. Toby says:

    Ya, I had the Tech 9, it was the Shit! Electric powered bad assness. I still remember the commercial. Every kid had to have these when they came out.

    • Riastradh says:

      I remember doing extra chores and saving up my allowance to buy these as kid, I first got the Water Hawk (KG99), then the Scorpion ( Škorpion vz. 61) and lastly the AK Centrefire (a fantasy piece and the only one I still have).

      The Water Hawk and AK Centrefire were both battery operated, while the Scorpion had to be charged manually each time to fire. The Scorpion was a wonderful repro, and I wish I still had it.

      The coolest Entertech toys in my opinion, was without doubt the cap repeaters – cap gun that used a ratchet action to simulated automatic fire. I only remember seeing one of these in the form of an Uzi in Toys R US, one time. Now I find they made a pseudo Galil!

      Entertech catlog from back in the day –

  4. Dave says:

    (slowly raises hand)

    Had the RPG with the “Rambo” logo on the side.

  5. bozo says:

    Haha!! Yep! Had one of those! I remember the range and ammo capacity was not what I’d hoped, and ended up chipping a piece off it somehow… the mag maybe? I forget. I do remember it didn’t last too long. We generally resorted to just playing (cap)”guns” as opposed to water wars (usually without caps). Imaginary bullets had much better range and accuracy. ;P (and the cap guns were generally much better constructed than the Entertech)

    Hell, found my trusty “Lionmatic” the other day. Action still as smooth as the first day I got it – with zero maintenance. Those Italians can build some friggin’ cap guns.

  6. RayForest says:

    Had the M16. While it didn’t have the range of other guns of the time, when you held the trigger down the drum mag had the staying power way beyond anything else out there. Quantity has a quality all it own! You could usually just charge and then chase your opponent as they ran away trying to break contact. All the while constantly laying down the wet hate.

  7. xpoqx says:

    Too bad you could never give something this cool to the kids today. They will go to some super public place to play with these and someone will think they are real… It’s all downhill from there hahaha.

  8. Terry says:

    I’ve still got one, I keep it in my gun safe 🙂

  9. Reverend says:

    HAD!?!? I still have them in my Mom’s house in the back bedroom closet. I have a micro uzi that was the sh’t!

  10. james says:

    Forgot all about those, I had a Rambo marked KG99/tec9 and a micro uzi. I didn’t even realize they had an RPG and M16. Great toys.

  11. some_guy says:


  12. mike says:

    Are these the water guns the guys were shooting each other with in Road House when Swayze calls Beefman Sam at whatever strip club he’s bouncing?

  13. LCSO264 says:

    I had the Tech 9/KG9 or whatever one, I had forgot about the other models. Lots of fun times back in the day….

  14. Matthew Kime says:

    I have one “like new, in box” in my collection in my office. Always wanted one, didn’t finally get it until I was an “adult”.