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Sneak Peek – BCMGUNFIGHTER Kinesthetic Angled Grip

Coming in November, BCMGUNFIGHTER™ KAG, (Kinesthetic Angled Grip) for KeyMod and Picatinny !



16 Responses to “Sneak Peek – BCMGUNFIGHTER Kinesthetic Angled Grip”

  1. Daniel says:

    That’s a gripstop

  2. Downsmustang says:

    Pretty much looks like they ripped off the grip stop design.

  3. Chris Pusey says:

    Ya… I’ve seen these before… But they were called Grip Stops the first time. Wouldn’t that be copyright infringement?

  4. 404953C says:

    Having never seen a Grip Stop before and looking at one for the first time, this comparison doesn’t seem to hold water. The Grip Stop is a single smooth slope. The BCM KAG has a trap where the slope comes in and then juts back out to trap the hand. Am I missing something? If anything, the Grip Stop is just a variation on the Knights Hand Stop rebranded…

  5. odie says:
    Obviously, not identical, come on guys, the trolls are getting old.

  6. Tony says:

    No patent. No problem

  7. Luke says:

    have to play with one first, but I REALLY like the look of this. keymod is just icing on the cake.

  8. I tried a pre production prototype of this for a time and if you like hand stops my guess is you will like this one a lot

    I ultimately went back to my BCM stubbie vert grip as that’s more my cup of tea but for a hand stop this one is very slick

  9. Mark Thompson says:

    Looks like they put the gripstop in cad and squeezed the top and stretched the front. Then they made it out of inferior materials and equipped it with a terrible mounting system. Hooray for original ideas.

  10. Joe Good says:

    I knew that the gripstop would be ripped off eventually. However, such a blatant rip is amazing. Also, to the people who are drooling over the keymod, the gripstop OG is keymod as well.

  11. MAXIMUS says:

    $24 with shipping for a small plastic piece?