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BCM – Mod 3 Vertical Grip

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BCM Vert Grip Mod 3

The BCM Mod 3 Vertical Grip is the latest evolution of the BCM Short Vertical Grip, offering improved ergonomics and the choice of two popular weapons mounting solutions.


BCM Vertical Grip Mod 3s are manufactured from high quality, impact resistant polymers. They come in at only 1.9 ounces, and feature a low-profile length that is intended for increased mobility and minimized snag factor. Aggressively textured flat sides are designed for improved yaw control during weapon manipulation. The Mod 3 comes in two configurations: Mod 3 – KM and Mod 3 – 1913:


The Mod 3 – 1913 utilizes a new, patent-pending Direct Mount Picatinny 1913 Interface System which spreads energy and force throughout the accessory. It is designed to offer a more secure lockup while eliminating play in the mounting surface.


The Mod 3 – KM is designed to take advantage of the widely adopted KeyMod system, and uses a patent-pending snag free internal mounting system for improved installation.

BCM Vertical Grip Mod 3s are available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Foliage Green, and Wolf Grey.



19 Responses to “BCM – Mod 3 Vertical Grip”

  1. Reseremb says:

    Any info on that tourniquet and mag pouch? Thanks.

  2. taylor says:

    is BCM becoming the new magpul?

    • Mike S. says:

      I would say yes. All BCM needs to do at this point is develop thier own magazine.

    • Jon says:

      Most manufacturers are starting to produce their own stuff in house. Much cheaper and more efficient than outsourcing.

  3. BLyon says:

    Agreed, that mag pouch is money. Very kydex molding + Taco. Would love to see more on that guy. Wonder how adjustable it is, or if it’s more a kit to mold to your specific mag size.

  4. NoVA Guy says:

    The TQ looks like an M2 corp-has had many issues with it. stick with the SOFT-W or Cat

  5. 404953C says:

    The tourniquet is made by RevMedX. It is the TX2 model you can learn more about here: http://www.revmedx.com/#!rmx-tourniquet/cj9i

    The new mag pouch will be disclosed this week guys.

    Stay tuned to Soldier Systems ^_^

  6. Taylor says:

    Not going to lie, half the reason I pay so much attention to these BCM posts is because of the sweet gear setup pictures…

  7. Miles says:

    Eotech mounted on upper and rail…face palm.