ProMag Industries Won’t Be Selling Anymore PMAG Lookalikes

Despite reports to the contrary, the Magpul vs Brookshire Tool and Mfg Co dba ProMag Industries didn’t end in a draw. Magpul field suit against ProMag last year because the the PROMAG bore a striking resemblance to the PMAG. The case was settled late last month and the suit and countersuit dismissed in Federal Court but as with most of these settlements, everybody pays their own lawyers fees and walks away.
Except, Magpul released this statement on their blog:

November 4, 2014
Magpul Industries Corp announced today that the parties have settled the patent infringement lawsuit that Magpul brought against ProMag based on ProMag’s selling and distribution of its magazines for AR15/M16 rifles and carbines. Magpul had alleged that these magazines violated its patents. The companies settled their dispute on confidential and mutually agreeable terms. As part of the settlement, ProMag agreed to discontinue sales of the accused magazines as currently configured.

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6 Responses to “ProMag Industries Won’t Be Selling Anymore PMAG Lookalikes”

  1. straps says:

    ProMag managed to make an AR mag that fits absolutely NONE of my receivers.

    My PMAGS, conversely, fit ALL of them.

    Just sayin’…

  2. Spartan says:

    Good for Magpul. Now if they could just file a successful suit against all of the knockoffs coming out of China.

  3. Luke says:

    I never thought the promags could possibly be confused with pmags…until my friends started buying them. Glad to hear Magpul got somewhere.

    seriously, Pmags are so cheap, how stingy do you have to be to buy something lesser?

  4. balais says:

    Ok, this makes me pretty mad.

    Not only are they infringing upon a successful and innovative company’s intellectual property rights, but they are using their efforts to copy such products instead of improving the abysmal quality of the ones they currently do sell.

    I mean jesus, you would think with the effort they expended to produce and market magpul knockoffs, they would instead invest the energy to improve upon their shitty AK mags and numerous accessories. The market is welcoming for quality AK mags since surplus is finite in quantity.

    Jackwagons. Shame on them.