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NRA Life Of Duty Episode 18 ‘Life And Death’

NRA Life of Duty

Episode 18: “Life and Death”

There’s a healthy respect one must have for life and death. But more and more it seems that younger generations are lacking that respect, or sometimes even shielded from it.”


3 Responses to “NRA Life Of Duty Episode 18 ‘Life And Death’”

  1. CRH says:

    These videos are usually done very well and most times present a great message. That said, I think the NRA’s continual referencing and finger pointing at video games as a root cause to gun violence is sad and wrong. It really is no better than anti-2A people saying that guns are the cause of violence. Its completely unfounded heresay and rhetoric as well as hypocritical. Video games are no more responsible for violence than guns are. I played Rambo, Gunsmoke, Commando, and Hogans alley on Nintendo and Sega when I was a kid and that certainly didn’t make me prone to gun violence. Everyone always wants to point the finger at someone/something else…Get a new message NRA, backed by some credible evidence because you make yourselves look like jack asses every time you send out this ridiculous message.

    • ahhhhhclever says:

      CRH, I back you a 110% with what you said. They had a very subtle message in there that was of the UTMOST importance…the lack of a father figure to teach them right from wrong and to instill the intangible qualities that make life worth fighting for…Both those were masked over with video games being the culprit for all the rampant shootings and apathetic kids.

      Trombley from Generation Kill actually told the author, war was just like grand theft auto. While that statement gives morons ammo, let me ask you this…what does this current generation of warriors have to compare war to? What they know and have experienced. People don’t cite what they don’t know first hand…save for retarded commentators and politicians who are looking for a scapegoat

  2. james says:

    Unfortunately they missed the mark on this one… Video games have been around for more than three generations… This is clearly a case of children growning up with little to no guidance and most with no father figure or if he is around from time to time he is NOT a role model. Society has been dependent on all sorts of assistance… the desease that has destroyed them is called ENTITLEMENT! Mommy gets more money for having more kids… so she does… Drug testing to qualify for assistance… work fair not welfare…

    Sorry guys, while you are correct on the role a strong father plays in a childs life video games are not what loosens their grip on what reality is…