Hardcore Hardware Australia – Compact Tactical Tomahawk CTT-01


Hardcore Hardware Australia recently posted a bit of info on their upcoming CCT-01. Smaller than their LFT01, the CCT-01 is a multi-purpose fast hawk, well suited for breaching roles and for use by Kali practitioners. It is made from “state of the art Japanese impact tool steel,” and will come with a fully molded, Kydex multi-mount deployment system. The CCT-01 will be available in three color options.

The CCT-01 will be officially released at SHOT Show 2015, so stay tuned for further details on this upcoming fast hawk.


5 Responses to “Hardcore Hardware Australia – Compact Tactical Tomahawk CTT-01”

  1. Defensor fortismo says:

    So how long before we see a tactical boomerang?

  2. Terry says:

    I love their products, but not their choice of materials. Please, HHA, use a proper knife steel!